How to Eat More Natural Organic Foods

You may have been told over the years that it’s important to pick the organic foods over non-organic foods. Is there really much of a difference though? Do all of our foods have to be organic? How should I choose organic foods? The experts that have given a Hemp Bombs review decided to share with you how to eat more natural organic foods. The tips are great and will save you lots of time and money along the way. Keep reading to learn more!

Eating organic can seem a little bit complicated at first. What exactly is organic anyway? Does it mean it doesn’t have anything added to the foods? Or is it what is being sprayed on them? Eating organic means the food passes regulations that were set by the United States. The food is grown without any pesticides, GMOs, or sewage-based fertilizer. If it does not state that it is organic then it could have any of these in it. Although it doesn’t necessarily, however it probably has at least one of them.

There are many benefits of eating organic foods in your diet. Organic foods typically have more antioxidants in them. Many foods that are not organic are filled with chemicals and preservatives. People sometimes find when they eat organic foods they are no longer allergic to a specific food they used to be. For example, once people switch to organic milk sometimes they are not allergic anymore. Of course, this is not always the case, but that’s an example of how different organic food really is.

Organic food typically is fresher than nonorganic food. Since non-organic food is allowed chemicals, this will allow it to stay longer. This means some of the foods you may think you are eating are not fresh and healthy at all.

The next benefit is that it is healthier for the environment. Did you know that organic farming will help to reduce pollution, it also uses less energy and reduces the erosion in the soil. Saying yes to the environment is always a great choice!

Traditional foods are given antibiotics as well as growth hormones. This is not only bad for us as adults but terrible for growing children. It’s so important not to have your foods filled with these types of items.

One myth that people have is that organic means they are pesticide free. Organic is in fact not, however you can have natural pesticides that are much healthier. Traditional foods are given synthetic pesticides. The natural pesticides that organic farmers give the crop are less toxic and have been shown to have no risks associated with it.

One of the major negatives when eating organic is that it is more expensive than traditional foods. This should be of no surprise since it is fresher and does not have chemicals on it, however, there are ways to help save on costs associated with eating organic. Try shopping local which is not only healthier but will help to cut the cost.

Organic food requires more labor and farmers work since it does not use chemicals and drugs. This is one of the main reasons why organic is more expensive. Since the crops cannot be as large, organic farms are typically smaller than traditional farms. Once again, this causes them to be more expensive.

If you are now interested in eating more natural organic foods, here are some tips:

  • Choose items that don’t have a shell on them. For example, bananas have a thick skin, so it is not as important to buy it organic. Try eating foods that can be in direct contact with the chemicals. Items like berries and tomatoes are a great start.
  • There typically is a section at your local grocery store that says organic. That’s an easy way to know if something is organic or not without looking at each menu. That’s a great place to start.
  • Eat according to the season. This will also help your body to have new foods and benefits all the time. For example, eat berries more in the summer since that’s when they were picked.
  • Most grocery stores have sales. Sometimes this is a specific day of the week, sometimes it means searching through their flyer. Make sure you shop sales and you will find yourself saving way more money.
  • Just like most things, when you buy in quantity you will save money. Try to purchase foods for a couple days or a week at a time. This will help to save you money and also time in the future so you don’t need to go to the grocery store every single day.
  • Did you know that you can purchase frozen organic foods too? This means they will save a lot longer because you can simply take them out of the freezer when you are ready to use them. Utilize the frozen section too.
  • Ultimately, eating at home will save you a lot more money. Eating out is not cheap, and neither is eating out organic. It also is a lot harder to find. Try eating at home as much as possible.
  • Our final tip is to not be a perfectionist when it comes to eating organic. You don’t need to do it 100% of the time and even if you have non organic foods, it’s okay. The main goal is to move closer and closer towards an organic diet most of the time.

Are you ready to eat more organic now? You can always start small and eat a couple foods that you know are the best to switch over to. Over time, you will notice a difference and want all your foods to organic, or you will keep it at a couple basic ones, the choice is yours!

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