Top Tips to Diminish Dark Spots

We’ve all experienced the anguish of a spot appearing when you’re about to go to a big event. But as you age you may find that you start to develop dark skin spots. These can be just as frustrating as the spots of your youth.

It is worth noting that most of these dark spots are simply age related. However, it is possible that they are melanoma; if you have any concerns you should get the spots checked by your doctor.

If they are simply age related dark spots then it is possible to diminish their appearance or even get rid of them altogether. Here’s how:

Vitamin E

Choose a cream that contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin E and if possible D and C. These are all obtained from the sun. Vitamin E is particularly good for your skin as it evens out the pigmentation; effectively diluting the dark spot and blending it with your skin!

The vitamin C in the cream will also help by lightening the dark spot; together the two ingredients can diminish or even get rid of your dark spot surprisingly quickly.


Take a look at the wide range of creams and lotions available from Earthderm. You should choose a hydrating cream that fits your skin type. This will boost the moisture in your skin and increase collagen production.

Your skin’s elasticity will improve and you’ll notice a more youthful glow; this will reduce the appearance of your dark spots.

Lemon Juice

A more traditional approach is to dab lemon juice onto your dark spots. You’ll need to squeeze a lemon to get fresh juice and then apply it with a tissue.

However, this is only likely to work if your dark spots are not that dark!

Lactic Acid

You can get skin products with lactic acid in or you can choose to use buttermilk which is full of this skin repairing compound.

Lactic acid has been used for many years to deal with skin pigmentation issues. Simply apply it to your skin twice a day to see the dark spots start to fade.


It’s worth mentioning this although it may not help to get rid of the skin spots you already have. However, using sun screen will prevent them from getting darker and from more appearing. The majority of dark spots are a result of skin exposure over time.

The UV rays from the sun encourage melanin production; which is the hormone responsible for dark spots. Use sunscreen to protect this and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in your skin!


Simply drinking enough water will help to remove toxins from your body; including excess melanin. You should aim to drink between 6 and 8 glasses per day.

Don’t forget that any drink with water in counts towards this target although you should consider what else is in the drink.

Skin Brighteners

As the name suggests these creams aim to brighten all of your skin by removing dead cells and balancing your pigmentation. They are a great way of quickly reducing the appearance of dark spots until you can get rid of them permanently.

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