Better Plants For Your Backyard: Home Decor Plants

When planning plants for your backyard, it can be helpful to choose hardy varieties that grow easily, especially if you are a beginner gardener. Plants that are easy to grow can add a lot of beauty to your yard because they will thrive and grow lush without a lot of extra effort on your part. Native plants and perennials are often good choices, as are easy – to – grow annuals.


There are so many varieties of hostas that the only difficult part about growing them can be choosing which ones you want to plant. These easy to grow plants love shady areas and will provide a lot of color and texture to your landscape through their beautiful leaves and floral stems. Hostas also tend to spread over time, so you can divide them and plant even more hostas in other areas of your yard.

Day Lilies

Day lilies such as the beautiful “Stella de Oro” are very easy to grow, providing blooms during a longer period of time than many other standard varieties of daylilies. However, even when not in bloom, the greenery of these perennial favorites adds a decorative touch to garden planting beds.

Black-Eyed Susan

Blooming in late summer and early autumn, this beautiful perennial flower is very easy to grow. These flowers are very disease and pest resistant, and can grow in almost any kind of soil.

Lamb’s Ear

The soft furry silvery-green leaves of Lamb’s Ear will provide a nice backdrop for other flowering plants in your flower beds. These perennials plants are primarily grown for their unique foliage, and once you plant them, they will easily grow back each year.


Mint varieties are so easy to grow that they can almost be considered to be weeds. In fact, mint is so invasive that it should be planted in metal containers so that its roots do not spread where you don’t want mint plants to grow. It can grow in almost any kind of soil, and the foliage is not only attractive but also extremely fragrant.


Also known as “Stonecrop”, this beautiful and easy-to-grow perennial has succulent ornamental leaves in addition to attractive blooms in late summer and early autumn. These plants especially thrive in drier soils with good drainage, as wet soil can occasionally cause the stems to rot.


Yarrow is extremely hardy, growing even in dry and poor soil. There are many different varieties of yarrow in various heights and colors. Yarrow grows so easily that it can often tend to crowd out other plants over time, so you might want to keep it confined to a specific area.


Marigolds come in many different sizes, colors and flower styles. They are an annual, which means they must be replanted every year, although in many instances they can reseed themselves. Colors vary from light cream to burnt orange, and will bloom all season until frost. Marigolds will provide a lot of color for very little effort.

Ground Covers

If you have an area of your yard that is difficult to mow, such as a steep bank, try planting an easy-to-grow ground cover such as ivy, ajuga, creeping sedums or pachysandra. Most ground cover plants thrive easily, especially if you choose one that is well-suited to the level of sunlight or shade that the area receives. Periwinkle is a good choice for shade, while plants such as creeping phlox do well in full sun.

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