Best Bathroom Makeovers Ideas: Modern Interior Designs

Traditionally styled fixtures and fittings are featured in­ a wide range of prices so it’s possible to achieve a high-end look without paying a fortune. Savvy homeowners who might not have the budget for a marble floor, say, can opt for faux-marble ceramic tiles and still get the look.

Bathrooms have finally shed their plane Jane look and entered the list of room decor styles. A well-designed and modern bathroom is a place where one can relax and be comfortable. You can give a completely new look to your bathroom decor with just a bit of organization, new colors, proper lighting and complementing accessories.

On the following pages, you’ll learn some of the techniques decorators use to achieve the following l­ooks for bathroom decor:

Tasteful Decor

Traditional, appealing and timeless, tasteful bathroom decor pleases home-owners as well as future buyers.

Safety with Style

Convert a bathroom into a safer place without losing anything to style. Designers, more than ever, know how to mingle form and function to give you eye-catching options for safety.

Minimalist Decorating Tips

Understatement can often help smaller bathrooms achieve more space. Learn how you can get the most from your minimal space.

Clean Lines

Define your bathroom space with smooth, clean lines, providing a sense of order.

Traditional Victorian

Add some romance to bath-time, or bring the look of a vintage home into the bath with these tips on decorating with a nod to times gone by.


Traditional styles have withstood the test of time. Add a touch of dignity and grace to your bathroom by using ceramic title, marble, fabric, porcelain and even wood.

Master Bath

See how custom cherry cabinets can be elegant without being ostentatious. Learn how to use open shelving to show off your most valuable bathroom items while still tucking them away.

Southwest Ranch

This look relies on ageless materials that are strong with simple good looks. Find out how to create a feeling of free-spiritedness with welcoming comfort.

Romantic Decor

A small space is perfect for a romantic setting that reflects long-ago times. Learn how to choose accessories to match a royal era and to achieve a literary look.

French Provincial

Invoke the spirit of Marie Antoinette’s distinctly coquettish aura with the refined elegance of French Provincial styling.


Cool and clean while still casual and elegant, contemporary decorating balances a “modern” look with traditional styles.

Glamor Bath

Smooth fixtures and complementing curves make for a glamorous bathroom that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Cutting-Edge Contemporary

Shapes and edges play an important role in design. Learn how branched quartzite from Brazil can create sophisticated and cutting-edge flooring.

Color Explosion

Fields of strong color play well against bright white fixtures. See how color coordination can make a world of difference for a contemporary space.

Drawing from Nature

If privacy isn’t a problem on your property, natural backdrops can create instant ambiance for your bathroom. Find out how to use the outdoors to inspire your indoor space.

Creating Drama

Dramatic tones can emerge through simple elegance and turn a generously sized bath into a minimalist design by using loft-style design aesthetics.

Clean Lines

For the true minimalist, the bathroom is an ideal place to start. Find out how a lack of physical clutter can make a room safer and easier to use.

Fresh and New

Exquisitely engineered down to the smallest detail, this deceptively simple – looking room has a lot more to offer than its squeaky clean appeal.

Accessible and Stylish

Functionality doesn’t have to lack style. Check out this article on how to create easily accessible showers and sinks that are far from everyday plain.

Bright White

Even if you commit to a strongly colored wall in a permanent material, white fixtures still give you maximum leeway to change your scheme.

High Style

Stained glass, cherry millwork, sophisticated black fixtures and other artful elements play starring roles in this richly embellished space.

Far East

A bath inspired by the timeless Chinese aesthetic is dramatic, restrained, exciting and simple. Learn how to create the Far East aesthetic using Cinnabar, the rich red color of Chinese lacquer.

Using Patterns

A riot of stripes, triangles and related shapes combine to make a dizzying array that creates an optical illusion in a fearless design.


Transitional styles are just that: transitions between traditional and contemporary styles. Take a look at some transitional styles with eclectic and ethnic tones.

Simple and Elegant

Rich wood and a neutral palette can make a bathroom into an oasis of tranquility. Get tips to help you make your own bathroom a more relaxing getaway.

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