Bridal Henna Mehndi Designs for Feet 2010 Collection

A Mehndi party or Henna party holds lot of importance for Pakistani and Indian weddings and is held in the brides home, the night before the wedding. It is one of the prime pre-wedding ceremonies that take place in most Indian weddings. It is a fun party where Mehndi artists draw beautiful patterns on the hands and feet of the bride as well as her close friends and relatives using Henna mehndi.

In context of an Pakistani and Indian bride, mehndi is believed to signify the strength of her marriage as well as the amount of love that she will receive in her husband’s house. In fact, it is said that the darker the color of the mehendi (on the hands and the feet of a bride), the stronger will be the marriage and longer it will last.

At the same time, the dark color of Henna is also said to mean that the bride will receive a lot of love from her husband as well as her in-laws. This is the reason why, after the application of bridal henna designs, the bride undertakes a lot of efforts, like applying oil or heat, to ensure that the color is dark. The application of henna, on the bride’s hands and feet, is also considered to be auspicious.

Feet are personality representation thing. Some says that you can imagine the neatness of a person from its foot. Cleanness is the half of the faith. Feet are very common, important, and prominent part of our body. If we have beautiful, neat and soft looking feet then half of our beauty is increase.

Wedding is an elaborate affair in India, comprising of a large number of rituals, customs and traditions. One of the important rituals, especially in context of the bride, comprises of ‘Mehndi’ (commonly known as henna). As a part of this ritual, the powder of henna leaves is mixed with water (and many-a-times, oil and lemon juice as well), to form a paste.

This paste is then applied on the hands as well as the feet of the Bride, in the form of intricate patterns. The henna is removed only after the design dries off completely. However, the bride cannot wash her hands and feet with water, for the next 12 hours at least, to make sure that the color comes out to be dark and rich.

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