Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Christmas is almost here again. It time to start thinking about decorating your home. Christmas home decorations are the main thing that gives life and color to our home every season. Choosing the right one is difficult especially when there is so much to choose from. Beautiful wreathes made of fragrant greens, lights twinkling in a multitude of colors, ornaments glittering, Christmas stockings, you can choose from a variety of unique designs. It can be challenging to find the right details to create a cozy feeling in your home during the holiday season.

Christmas decorations are big business these days, as any visit to a big store will confirm! You can choose from hundreds of different styles, colors, designs and themes, and the temptation is often to choose a bit of everything and end up with a horrible mess or spend far too much money every year updating your style!

We hope to provide you with inspiration for your Christmas decorating this year, and have pulled together advice and ideas from our own team and writers around the world so that we have something for everyone! There is countless number of Christmas decorating ideas. All the people decorate their houses by applying their creativity at the time of Christmas. Following are some of the ideas for decoration on the Christmas Eve.

Christmas Home Decorating Ideas:

Simple Holiday Themes:

First things first. Set a plan or a theme for your Christmas decorating. It doesn’t cost a thing to have a good plan. When you are working on a tight budget, choosing a theme is what will help pull your ideas together, as well as make your decorations look personal. Some theme ideas for Christmas are:

  • The rustic lodge Christmas
  • A toy-land Christmas
  • Christmas from countries around the world
  • Victorian Christmas
  • Country Christmas
  • Santa Christmas
  • Snowman Christmas
  • Old-fashioned Christmas

Christmas Color Trends:

We change up the Christmas colors at our home every couple of years. If it’s your turn, look at clothing fashions on the web, in magazines or on the street. Have you noticed a blue and brown trend this year? Bring that look home for the holidays. Think natural fibers and fabrics such as twigs, branches and burlap (sand and brown) combined with Robin’s-egg blue, turquoise or blue-green. Deep, royal purple pops up as an accent color with the blue this year. Ice blue is also hot combined with silver. Traditional colors such as red and green, or gold and white never go out of style.

Christmas Tree:

Christmas tree is the most important thing you need for Christmas decoration. You should choose a fresh and green tree. Lights, garlands and ornaments are necessary for decorating the Christmas tree. Before putting ornaments and garlands on the Christmas tree, put the lights on it. Tie the lights along the branches of the tree for making it more beautiful. Instead of putting all the ornaments on the tips of branches, place them inside the tree. It will make it look more attractive. Solid color balls and ribbons are the most important ornaments which are required for decorating the Christmas tree. Choose such colors which look very decent and attractive.

Decorate With Live Plants:

Gather kalanchoe, narcissus (paperwhites), poinsettias, amaryllis, ornamental kale and other colorful succulents. Live plants at Christmas bring a breath of fresh air, fragrance and contemporary style to a room. Kalanchoe blooms in multiple colors, but choose from either the red or white flowers for this time of year. Choose poinsettias in shades of red or cream and narcissus blooms in white. Bunch the same color of plants together for impact.

For a simple statement on the fireplace mantle I like to intersperse different heights of candles, greens and narcissus. For an outdoor decoration in our mild winter location, I pull out our old red wagon and gather my found objects. These include pine cones I collect on my morning walk and the free pine branches I get when we buy our live tree. I stuff flowering plants, kale and the greens into the wagon and sometimes wrap it all with ribbon. It sits by our front gate my Santa’s sleigh made of living plants.

Living Room:

The living room is the center of Christmas activities. This is probably the best place for your Christmas tree. Decorate any sconces, mirrors or pictures on the wall with springs of evergreen. Fill coffee tables and end tables with Christmas goodies like candy canes, or with decorative bowls filed with extra Christmas ornaments.


In the kitchen decorate your counter space with a snowman or Santa cookie jar. Add some Christmas tree mugs hung from a mug tree. Snowflake plates would look pretty on the table, especially if they’re filled with home-made Christmas cookies.

Festive Window Decoration:

Sponge stars or other seasonal shapes on your window with paint! Just add a teaspoon or so of liquid dish soap to acrylic craft paint, (I like white or gold metallic) and after the holidays you can wash it off with window cleaner. Use a non-scratching dish scrubber if you come across a stubborn spot.

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