Cozy Home Decoration Ideas

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into certain homes, you get an immediate feel for what the family is all about? It’s those unique, individual elements that distinguish a house from a home. Whether your family is full of avid nature lovers or full-blown beach bums, bringing your passions to life will give your house that hint of hominess. If you want to give your surroundings a more tailor-made feel, try one of our personalization projects to turn your humble abode into a cozier home.

A house becomes a home when it is cozy, warm and inviting, and reflects the personality, culture and lifestyle of the inhabitants. The play of light and texture can be altered to make a room or home look more comfortable and informal.

Soft light makes a room look warm and cozy. Use soft incandescent lights to get such an effect. Halogen and fluorescent lights are harsh, and too bright to impart a feeling of warmth and coziness to a room.

Attract attention to some visually appealing points of focus in a room by directing light towards them. Utilize down-lighting from or up-lighting for attracting attention to objects on the wall such as portraits and family photos.

Cozy Home Decoration Ideas:

  1. The first thing that comes to mind, when we think of cozy home decoration is the color scheme of the rooms. The most ideal option would be to choose a warm yellow, muted red, or terra-cotta paint color. Another option would be to keep the existing paint intact and just accentuate one of the walls of the room.
  2. Make use of variety of textures. Soft and fluffy pillows, cushions and throw blankets make the room look cozier, as you can snuggle in them and feel at bliss. While baskets and hardbound books arranged neatly in book cases, make the room look more sophisticated and ethnic, black chrome armchairs, metallic round chairs, modern irregular-shaped tables and large mirrors make the room look too formal.
  3. Remember, when it comes to choosing the color for creating a cozy room dark warm-toned colors suit the best. Both walls and furnishings, in warm tones, make the room pleasant and inviting.
  4. Sleek furniture, though occupies less space, make the room look quite formal. Instead, go for textured furniture if you want to create a cozy atmosphere. Do not go for traditional heavy wooden ones.
  5. The use of more patterns makes the room appear smaller and cozier. However, in case you have a small room, use patterns sparingly.
  6. Throw rugs add instant warmth to the room and are great for those, who have their house on rent.
  7. Fluorescent and halogen lights look harsh and are too bright for coziness and warmth in the room. Use soft incandescent lights instead. Candles serve best for the purpose. Place various shapes, sizes and colors of candles on tables, mantels, or coffee tables. Candles when placed in front of mirrors bounces light, filling the room with a nice warming effect.
  8. To add drama to the lighting effect, infuse down lighting and up-lighting in the rooms. While in the former case you can go for lamp shades that diffuse the light down wards, the latter is mostly concerned with attracting the attention to the family photos and portraits on the walls, by installing a light above them.
  9. Re-arranging the furniture to the focal point of the room would go a long way in emphasizing the ‘cozy’ factor. Move furniture closer to the fireplace area or near a window that gets lots of sunlight a perfect place to snuggle around!


  • Don’t rewire any electrical work without contacting an electrician.
  • Paper lanterns can be dangerous if left unsupervised.

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