Luxury Wall Color Ideas For Bedroom

Bedrooms are typically low traffic rooms; therefore they do not require the same level of durability for paint finishes, as do other areas of the home. Flats, eggshells or soft shins are all appropriate paints for the bedroom. The human eye can distinguish about 7 million different colors. This can make finding just the right color pretty daunting. Knowing just a little about color and the classic color wheel can really help you make your color decisions. You’ll be able to come up with many bedroom painting ideas. Also, since you’re re-painting your bedroom, you might want to check out some of our helpful do it yourself home redecorating tips!

Choosing Bedroom Colors for Your Walls:

There are certain factors that should be considered before choosing the bedroom wall colors, which include, the size of the bedroom and the type of furniture used in the bedroom. Colors play very intense and immediate effect on human psychology. So, the first and foremost thing that should be understood, is the color psychology. Since a bedroom decor aims at providing a comfortable and cozy environment, the colors for bedroom walls should be chosen accordingly.

Every color has its unique effect on the human mind and hence, it is necessary to choose the wall colors carefully. A wrong choice of wall color can end up giving you an unpleasant bedroom decor. Other than the effects of psychology, every color produces different visual effects. For example, certain color can make the room look brighter and larger than its original size, while some colors can make the room look smaller.

Black, white, blue, green, red, yellow, orange and purple, are most common colors used for painting walls. One of the simple bedroom wall color ideas can be to paint the walls with white color. White is a perfect color to create a soothing ambiance in the bedroom. Moreover, it reflects light and creates makes the room look airy. Black on the other hand can be too dark for bedrooms and can make the room look very small. Black also darkens once emotional state and hence, is not a good color for bedrooms.

A combination of black and white in different patterns, can surely give a nice modern look to your bedroom. Blue and green are two colors that can bring calmness in your bedroom. It is said that blue color suppresses your cravings for food, since there are not many blue colored eatables in nature. Colors like red and yellow are very bright and should be avoided, since they can cause hindrance to falling asleep.

Some Other Tips on Wall Color for Bedroom:

  • Red, Yellow and Orange are some exciting and warm bedroom wall colors.
  • It makes the room bright and dulcet. Lighter shades should be preferred over brighter or darker shades as it may make the room appear too overwhelming.
  • It should be avoided using on small rooms as it may make it appear even smaller. Then we have some cool colors like Violet, Blue and Green which when applied on bedroom walls gives a serene appearance to the room.
  • They can be considered as the best bedroom wall colors as they also make the room appear peaceful and bigger.
  • If you want to give more soothing effect to your room then you can improve or suppress the brightness of the color as desired by adding a complementary color. They can also be applied to make the small rooms look bigger.
  • Before going out to purchase a color have a clear cut theme of your room in mind Its also important to see that your color compliments with the bedroom furniture nicely.
  • While choosing a color for a girl’s room one may opt for pink or some lavender shades while for boys some bright color with a youthful theme can be used.
  • If you are still confused than many different color combination can be browsed on in the stores booklet to select the one that serves your need the best.
  • One can always take the help of Internet to choose the best Bedroom wall color.

These were some bedroom wall color ideas for you. Now, when you know the tips and suggestions on choosing bedroom wall colors, select your favorite colors and come up with an exotic bedroom decor. You may even take professional help so that you can choose best colors for your bedroom. Happy Home Making!

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