Decor Your Windows With Stained Glass

People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. Expensive stained glass windows and cabinet doors are popular ways to add a splash of color to a kitchen. For a less-expensive option you can use “faux” stained glass window film to cover large, flat sheets of glass. Stained glass light fixtures, sun catchers, vases and wall art are also low-cost kitchen decorations you can use to add a touch of elegance.

Aquatic Stained Glass

Add fish – themed stained glass to give a kitchen with blue tile floors, white cabinets and wood counter tops an aquatic style. Install pale blue stained glass panels with colorful tropical fish shapes in each top cabinet door. Pair the stained glass cabinets with blue knobs and white appliances. Hang a colorful, fish-shaped, stained glass sun catcher in a window.

Contemporary Stained Glass

Obscure an ugly view and give your kitchen a contemporary style with a diamond – patterned stained glass window. Create a line of large, inset, white-and-amber marbled, diamond glass shapes down the middle of a long, vertical, rectangular window. Use large pieces of frosted, cut glass to fill the sides of the window. Add matching cabinet doors, ceiling lamps or a glass wall hanging to make the window pattern a main kitchen theme.

Floral Stained Glass

Install floral stained glass panels in your cabinets to add cheerful colors to your kitchen. Use a beveled glass background with blue irises sprouting from green stems. Add a small, lilac butterfly above one of the flowers. Use the same basic pattern with a different colored butterfly for each cabinet. Pair the stained glass with wood pieces, such as wood cabinets and floors. Add an iris-shaped, blue, stained glass chandelier to the kitchen ceiling.

Grapevine Stained Glass

Turn a large and boring pantry door into a piece of art with grapevine-themed stained glass. The classic creation works with a variety of kitchen styles, including simple white, dramatic green, bold purple or earthy wood. Leave a thick frame around the outer door and place a large, single, stained glass panel to fill the body of the door.

Use pieces of frosted purple, light green and dark green glass to create three thin, leafy, vertical grapevines climbing up the stained glass panel. Use clear, frosted, and white cut glass to fill the open area around and between the vines. Add a round, cut-glass knob or handle to finish the decorative door.

Simple Stained Glass

Install stained glass trim around each window to add a hint of color to a white and wood kitchen. Create a 2-inch-thick frame around the window with tiny, square pieces of white, cream, yellow, sage green and jade green stained glass. Use metal framed, jade green, stained glass squares for cabinet door and drawer knobs.

Purchasing Stained Glass

Stained glass can enhance your home in many different ways, sizes and in prices to fit any pocketbook. It can be purchased in stores and online. For a personal touch, talk to local stained glass artists listed in the phone book or displaying their work at neighborhood art shows. They’ll happily customize your own creative ideas to your home and your budget.

Think about how stained glass can enhance the beauty of a home. It’s amazing how much class, beauty, and warmth a little bit of art glass can add to one’s environment. Your stained glass pieces may become special and loved for many years and generations to come.

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