Apply Powder Foundation Makeup in 5 Pro Steps

{YBA} Powder foundation makeup gives beautiful, healthy and cute look to the oily skin by minimizing the unnatural shine all the day. A plus point of powder foundation is, it requires less time and least touching to keep up the fresh look. Powder based foundations are cheap and economical as well.

I want to repeat again that for normal to oily skin types, the powder foundation is your best bet to minimize shine and reduce the need to blot with a compact throughout the day. And when applying make-up in the summer heat, the powder formulas are much easier to maintain a smooth skin tone and reduce sweating.

Follow these tips to have a beautiful and flawless professional powder foundation makeup.

1. Selection of Powder Foundation Shade

You should select a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone or at least having maximum match to your skin tone. You can test the shade by applying it to your neck and jawline area, it should blend in perfectly.

2. Makeup Brush

Most of the top brands will supply a brush or sponge inside the package, or you may prefer to indulge in a finer brush from your beauty supply store.

I recommend to use fluffy brush (if possible) and swirl it into the powder foundation. Tap off the excess powder from the brush. Another option is makeup puff or makeup brush instead of fluffy brush.

3.  Face Cleansing

Cleanse your face well and be sure that it is completely dry before applying a powder base foundation. If there is any moisture on your skin, the foundation will leave streak marks that are difficult to blend away.

4. Application of Powder Foundation

Apply the powder lightly to each section of your face (including eyelids) with the makeup brush in circular, downward strokes. However, if you have fine hairs on your face, you will need to swipe the color in the direction that the hairs are growing to avoid bringing attention to them.

Apply one layer with a light hand all over for a natural look, and blend the color into the jaw and neck area. Go over again lightly as needed for more coverage but don’t overdo it.

5. Final Touch

Remove any foundation powder from your eyebrows with the help of damp cotton swab or your finger. Clear mascara  or an eyebrow wax pencil works, too. Also check your eyelashes and go over them with mascara or water to remove any powder.

Pro Tips

  • The key to keeping your powdered foundation and blush fresh looking is to replace the applicator sponge or brush at the first sign of build up, So be prepared to swap it out for a new one after about a month. Clean your makeup brush regularly.
  • For professional blending, apply powder foundation under high light or clear natural light. Poor visibility is highly discouraged, as you cannot observe the perfect color match against your neck.
  • Never share makeup for sanitary reasons and store makeup in a cool, dry place.

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