Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A bedroom is not just a place to rest and sleep, but a fantasy world of romance, wherein you can relax by getting cuddled up in your partner’s cozy arms. Moreover, it is a place filled with fragrance of love, as it allows you to share some intimate and romantic moments with your sweetheart. A romantic bedroom decoration is one that transforms your dull-looking bedroom into a love nest that pleases all your five senses.

To create a romantic ambiance in your room, it is essential for you to focus on decoration accessories that enhance intimacy and comfort. The location of the bedroom, interior decoration and fragrance inside the bedroom all play an important role in creating the magical effect. Read on further to find some ideas and tips that can help you build the essence of romance in your bedroom. Go ahead and create some intimacy and comfort!

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom:

  1. A small bar drawer with choicest wines, a Champagne bottle and sparkling white Champagne and wine glasses complete the mood of a romantic bedroom.
  2. Bright harsh lights are a strict no-no for a romantic bedroom Decor.
  3. Choose all your furniture, furnishings and accessories to make the room as intimate and comfortable as possible.
  4. If you have a sweet tooth, you may keep strawberries, chocolate-dip and whipped cream ready for a late night snack on your dresser too.
  5. Light up fragrant candles for special occasions to lend that surreal look.
  6. Make use of those canopy beds and hang sheer light-fabric draperies around the bed to make it ready for your fragile princess.
  7. Peaceful romantic bedroom needs silence enough to let you hear your partner’s breathing and moaning and block out any other distractions. So keep your television in another room or block out the noise of traffic by hanging thick curtains on your windows.
  8. Soft romantic music is a must for any romantic bedroom setting and thus, keep your CD system around for easy use.
  9. Use opulent red or other bold colored satin or silk sheets that are soft, have a rich smooth texture and fluffy soft plush pillows.
  10. Use soft and comfortable mattress that will make you and your partner to plop into the bed immediately.
  11. Use soft filtered light and you may use colored incandescent lights with soft red or pink glow to add romance.
  12. You can use fragrant room fresheners, aromatic incense sticks, scented sachets of soft fragrances such as lavender and rosemary or add a thin coat of perfumed oil on your light bulb.
  13. You may sprinkle your favorite fragrant powder on bedsheets to make the bed smell sweet and musky.

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