Weight Loss Tips With Cycling

There are many exercises to choose from that can help lose weight. The best exercise to perform would depend on individual preferences and capabilities. What may be a great exercise for one person may not suit another. Cycling is a popular exercise for those attempting to lose weight. This exercise does offer many benefits; it can be done outdoors, view the scenery or together with friends.

However, I personally wouldn’t cycle to lose weight. I believe cycling is a very “hit or miss” exercise. Firstly, only the lower area of the body is involved in the movement. Also, the legs only have a low range of motion. Both these facts make it difficult to burn lots of calories unless pushed. Plus, cycling at a high rate of intensity only drives the activity further towards the anaerobic spectrum of our energy system causing the body to burn more crabs. Another problem is when cycling outside, tackling any hill requires greater muscular effort going up but a period of rest coming down, it doesn’t allow the energy system to establish a steady pace, which is vital for burning fat.

I really recommend cycling in the outside, in the beautiful country. I know you may have the odd irritating motorist, but, it is much more fun than cycling like a hamster on one of those gym exercise bikes. If you cycle indoors, cycling will feel like hard work and boring. The important thing is to make cycling fun, so you really want to do it.

Benefits Of Cycling:

  1. Cycling minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease. Essentially an aerobic exercise, it gives your heart, blood vessels and lungs a workout, thereby reducing the risk of heart problems.
  2. A few miles of cycling per day assure trimmer and toned muscles. This is because your upper thigh muscles, backside and calf muscles all get to workout.
  3. Pursuing cycling helps a great deal in building your stamina. It enables you to carry out your day-to-day activities more effectively.
  4. For people, who are on the heavier side, cycling can prove to be beneficial. It manages weight and helps in getting rid of increased waistline and bulging fat.
  5. The pleasure and satisfaction attained while riding a bicycle alleviates all the stress, anxiety and depression of a person.
  6. This might come to you as a surprise, but cycling ensures a control in the level of blood pressure.
  7. Cycling enhances the overall fitness level of a person. It makes you breathe deeper and perspire more, thereby leading to a feeling of enhanced body temperature.
  8. Cycling has found to be effective for treating people diagnosed with diabetes and cancer.

Tips for Losing Weight with Cycling:

  1. Don’t skip meals to lose weight. It is better to eat frequently and in moderation.
  2. Keep Riding. Cycling is one of the best ways to burn calories.
  3. Eat More Raw food. Raw food is an excellent way of getting nutritional value and avoiding processed fatty foods, which are the easiest to gain weight. If you develop a taste for  raw and healthy food, you will find it more instinctive to eat a healthy diet.
  4. Get out of the habit of eating poor quality foods with high saturated fat content.
  5. Take time to go shopping and buy attractive healthy food.
  6. Take it slow but steady. Weight loss is not about the fastest way to shed pounds, but, about permanently changing eating / exercise habits to gain a lower long term weight.
  7. Give yourself goals for both losing weight and cycling specific goals e.g. doing a local hill climb at the end of the season.
  8. When you are training hard, don’t starve the body of the carbohydrates it needs to replenish lost energy.
  9. Know which supplements to take. Most diet pills are a waste of time. But, some can be of some help. See practical weight loss for independent reviews of the diet pill market.
  10. Register for an October Hill Climb in January. The thought of racing up a steep hill, will be a great motivator to lose unnecessary pounds.
  11. One of the great things about cycling is that it can be a fun way to lose weight. It doesn’t require an ascetic self-denial. Also, the more you cycle the more you will appreciate the benefits of keeping a healthy weight. Just try cycling with pannier with 2-3Kg and notice the difference going up a hill.

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