Garry Schlatter Photography: Australian Photographer

Garry Schlatter has given me great ideas for composition and lighting when taking landscape photographs, so I thought it would be great to showcase his talent to even more people and provide quality inspiration.

The Big Red Desert Photo

The water source beneath one-fifth of Australia

Patterns in Nature – Awesome

The Shell on Seaside – Garry Schlatter

Toothed Photography – Garry Schlatter

Mum I wanna be a Photographer

The Dance of Joy – Garry Schlatter

Night Rider Large View by Garry Schlatter

Another freaking Storm Photo

Do You Ever Dream

Quandamooka – Garry Schlatter

Tree Alive at Night

Moments of Silence by Garry Schlatter

Hidden Moon in Night View – Garry Schlatter

Evening Natural Beauty by Garry Schlatter

Gayundah by Garry Schlatter

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2 Responses

  1. Dance of joy is such inspirational photo i have ever seen, i was searching inspirational photo and i got it right one today.this photograph is speaking so much to me

  2. thats so amazing photos…..loved it…