Free Download iPad Game: Bio Army

A mob of bio-monsters is about to invade your fort, and your defense is an arsenal of upgradable mercenaries and paramilitary buildings. Use machine guns, howitzers, rifles and more to slow down, confuse, weaken and poison the invaders before they defeat your fort. Also manufacture landmines, robots, missiles, and even nuclear bombs in the R&D Center.

Each mercenary has his/her own special skills, different firing speed and shooting range. Upgrade them to enhance their abilities and learn more skills. You need to read the maps well, think fast and settle the mercenaries in proper positions according to the enemies’ amount, speed and thick. Be careful how you use your limited money to do upgrades and build paramilitary buildings. Also do not forget to have a good use of the hi-tech tools in the challenging fun modes!

Conquer all 15 maps with 5 battle modes – normal, sudden death, thick hide, road runners and endless battle.

7 types of upgradable mercenaries (6 levels), 3 types of paramilitary buildings.

7 kinds of weapons involving poison releasers, frost throwers, and plasma cannon; 5 kinds of hi-tech tools involving robot-baby and analeptic.

20 kinds of bio-monsters. Earn money from Lotto Center and Supply Depot to do upgrades and power-ups.

Ultra funny things such as Destiny Wheel in an endless battle.
Good graphics, hot-blooded soundtrack.

Bio Army

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