Black Zipper Nails Paint Trend and Manicure Ideas

{YBA} In the fashion of nails are lot of styles and nail’s paint ideas, All types of manicures from classic to wild. There’s no stopping a burning imagination from taking the things you’re used to seeing/using in one place and make an unthinkable manicure out of it,

And this tops the Cheese Nails feature by far! Zipper Nails! Why haven’t I thought about that before? I promise, one day I’ll take my old mobile phone, tear it to pieces and put every mad chip and microchip on my nails,

Finland’s Laura Sofia Koski has created some intense nail art. The zipper manicure featured on her blog ‘Learning to Dance in the Rain,’ consists of an all-black polish with a silver zipper on the thumb and middle finger.

Zippers go hand in hand with the dark, defiant theme in the latest avant-garde fashion collections, so it’s no surprise that nail art is the next big thing to get all zipped up.

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