Download PwnageTool Bundle for Jailbreaking iOS 4.3 Beta

We have just posted about PwnageTool Bundle for Jailbreaking iPad on iOS 4.3 Beta which is released by iPhone enthusiast and hacker Johnny Franks. Now we came to know that after releasing PwnageTool Bundle for ipad, Johnny Franks has announced the release of PwnageTool Bundle for iPod touch 4G using which you can jailbreak your iPod touch 4G on iOS 4.3 Beta. You can use this PwnageTool Bundle with the existing version of PwnageTool for creating custom firmware file.

You have to restart your iPod touch 4G on every reboot as it is a tethered jailbreak. You should note that you have to make your own ramdisk. The jailbreaking procedure is only for advanced users as it is very complex. So proceed at your own risk.

You can download iOS 4.3 Beta from here. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below. As usual stay tuned with us for more updates.

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