What Are the Alternatives to Diamonds for an Engagement Ring?

Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they are not every woman’s cup of tea; 100% pure carbon that took millions of years to create might look stunning to most, but a few girls are looking for alternatives.

If your engagement in fast-approaching and you’re not into diamonds, here are a few alternative gemstones to consider.


This alluring stone is naturally occurring silicon carbide that is extremely rare; check out the leading Australian jeweller Vinny and Charles who handmake stunning moissanite custom engagement rings to order. This is one of the rarest minerals on the planet that is thought to be the result of meteor collisions; moissanite has been found in Wyoming, US and the eastern part of Russia. Lab-grown moissanite is great value for money and the average person couldn’t tell the difference between lab-grown and naturally found.


A variety of quartz, amethyst is a stunning stone, which is generally purple in colour, ranging from light lavender to deep purple and everything in between. If you would like a custom jeweller to design and handcraft a stunning amethyst engagement ring, the specialist has access to the wholesale gemstone market, which saves you a significant amount.


Ruby is a variety of corundum, a mineral that is pinkish to blood red in appearance; the best rubies are found in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Popular for jewellery due to its high durability, approach a custom jeweller who can locate the ideal ruby to set into your engagement ring.


This unique gemstone actually changes colour, depending on the light’ it appears a greenish colour in daylight, which turns to a red in artificial light and this is one reason why many girls go with alexandrite. Talk to a custom jeweller about designing an engagement ring with a stunning centre stone of alexandrite; the jeweller can work to the client’s budget and you’ll get more value for money than buying a ring off the shelf.

The above are just a few of the possible gemstones that can replace diamonds; it really is a matter of personal taste and when you join forces with a custom jeweller, your concept is created by the professional. Start with a Google search and see where that takes you.

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