Benefits of Birth Control Pill Over the Shot

Hormonal birth control comes in several different forms, but the birth control pill and the birth control shot are by far the most popular options. If you’re trying to choose a new form of birth control, it’s likely you have a lot of questions. Get the answers you need in this Nurx blog post

Less Intense Side Effects

Every form of hormonal birth control comes with side effects, most of which are minor. For instance, when you take the birth control pill, it’s possible to experience mood changes, nausea, and vomiting, and with the birth control shot, side effects can include depression, acne breakouts, and weakness/fatigue. 

If you’re worried about the potential side effects of using hormonal birth control, the birth control pill is usually the better option. Side effects of the birth control shot are typically much more intense than those of the pill and may take longer to lessen. Although there is no guarantee that you won’t experience negative side effects from the birth control pill, they will likely be less severe when they do occur than the impacts you can experience from the shot. 

Get Pregnant Sooner

While the entire purpose of birth control is preventing pregnancy, it’s possible that you will one day want to stop using your contraceptive so that you can conceive. If you plan to get pregnant at some point in the future, choosing a birth control method that will allow you to do so soon after stopping its usage is a good idea. 

In most cases, you can get pregnant a lot sooner after stopping the birth control pill than when you stop receiving birth control shots. On average, women can get pregnant six months after they’ve stopped taking the birth control pill. With the shot, it can take you 10 months, and sometimes longer, to get pregnant after your last injection. 

More Predictable Bleeding Patterns

While you’re using hormonal birth control, you should expect some noticeable changes in your menstrual pattern. Both the birth control pill and the shot can alter your menstruation, but the effects of the birth control pill may be easier to deal with for some women. 

While it’s true that the birth control shot can decrease the frequency of your periods and make them lighter, they can also become unpredictable for some women, which is a significant drawback. The birth control pill, on the other hand, will regulate your menstrual cycle, which means your periods will be more predictable and easy to plan for, which can be extremely beneficial. 

Both the birth control shot and birth control pills are highly effective forms of hormonal birth control, and both can be good choices for women interested in preventing pregnancy. As you can see, however, the birth control pill has several different advantages over the shot, including less severe side effects and a more predictable menstrual cycle.  If you’re ready to start using the birth control pill, using a telemedicine service such as Nurx is a great option. Just choose your preferred medicine and a doctor in your area will be contacted to help you with your prescription. After that, your birth control pills will be delivered right to your door.

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