20 Beautiful Holiday Nail Art Ideas

Every woman on every holiday want to look beautiful, brilliant, more charming, and exude an extraordinary beauty. Nail art designs have become an indispensable accessory, accompanied with Women’s fashion. You can draw Holiday art on nails using nail polish, in a design that you would like to get it. The pretty holiday nail art designs below can definitely furnish you with a wide repertoire of beauty inspiration. So here’s a few holiday nail art ideas to get your holiday spirit pumping!

1. Holiday Nail Art Designs for 2012-13

2. Christmas Nails

3. Gingerbread Man Nails

4. Japanese Gyaru Style Nail Art

5. Christmas Nail Art for Holiday 2012-13

6. Alice in Wonderland Nails

7. Nail Art Christmas Lights

8. Lit Candles Nail Art

9. Nail Art – Winter Penguins

10. Pumpkins Nail Art Ideas

11. Cool Holiday Nail Painting Ideas 2012-13

12. Merry Christmas Nail Art

13. Rudolf – Nail Art

14. Cute Owlies

15. Raindrops on Snowflakes

16. Holiday Nails

17. Plaid Nails

18. Nail Art: Candy Canes

19. Funky French Snowflake

20. OPI Black Shatter

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