Interesting Haha Funny Jokes

{YBA} Humor is an essential part of our lives, is as necessary as all other fuzzy emotions such as love, anger, etc. It dictates how comfortable we feel at our workplace, with a person we just met and how much money we make (in some cases!). The truth is that without humor we are as good as dead.

Humor brightens our day and changes our entire perspective about our daily routines in a second. Yes, that’s the power of humor, it is so big that the entertainment industry is currently is above the real estate market (as far as earnings), but don’t take my word for it, look it up!. A decent comedian in comedy central makes more money than a mortgage broker without having all the work related stress.

Here are some beautiful, interesting, humorous and funny jokes.

Pappu And Daddy

PAPPU : Daddy, have you
ever been to Egypt?
FATHER : No. Why do
you ask that?
PAPPU: Well, where did
you get THIS mummy then?

Sardar Love With Nurse

One Sardar inLove with a nurse.
HE writes love letter, With his own blood.
He writes,    “I Love you Sister”.
She wrote,    “A-VE”  Blood group.

Pappu Discovered America

TEACHER : PAPPU, go to the
map and find North America.
PAPPU : Here it is
TEACHER : Correct. Now,
class, who discovered America?

Let me kiss your lips

Let me kiss ur lips,
let me feel ur teeth,
let me feel ur tongue.
This is ur friend
reminding you to brush ur teeth,
Twice a day Everyday.

The Reason why Most of the men

The reason why most of the men prefer to KISS women’s lips ?
Thats the best & probably the only way to shut a woman’s mouth for at least some seconds. ):

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