Best Make Up Tips For Different Shapes Of Eyes

Girls love to apply nice eye makeup to highlight their eyes. Eyes are the most expressive feature of your face, so why not play them up for an incredible effect? While, we all have our own desires and needs when it comes to makeup, even so makeup and beauty applications can do wonders. Eyes hold the intensity of captivating others’ souls, with merely a glance. If eyes, as they say, are the window to the soul, then they require our immediate attention first, before we can steal others.

Makeup Tips for Eye Shapes

Each of the three physical eye shapes – almond, oval, and round, can be beautiful, but if the shape is strongly defined, you can maximize the beauty of the eye with various eye makeup tricks. For example, although almond eyes are considered a very pleasing shape, a narrow almond can make eyes appear small, and while round eyes often have the advantage of appearing large, the horizontal width can make them appear disproportionate.

Fortunately, eye makeup can create a design to maximize the beauty of your eyes.

Almond Eyes

This eye shape is characterized by an upswept outer corner. Many women with this eye shape want to increase the depth and intensity of their eyes, so experiment with eyeliner as a bold sweep on the upper lid, neutral colors lining under the eye, and upper and lower liner in various shades. To help almond eyes appear larger, limit liner to the outer portion of the top lid. To make almond eyes appear more round, stop liner before the outer corner of the eye, or use a lighter shade or smoky or smudged look in that area.

Round Eyes

This eye shape if often large, and open-looking, and many women like to use makeup to elongate the eye. Use darker liner to slightly extend beyond the eyelid at the outer corners to give this illusion. Use a medium shade of eye shadow on the eyelid (up to the crease) and extend the shade slightly both slightly up toward the brow bone and slightly down toward the lower lid to create a more elongated eye appearance.

Oval Eyes

To give an oval eye an illusion of more height, use liner to create a thin line at the outer corner and gradually thicken towards the middle of the eye. Continue in slightly towards the inner corner, reducing again to a fine line. If your eyes are small, skip the lower liner; otherwise draw a very fine line under the lower lashes.

Hooded Eye Shapes Makeup

Hooded eyes, sometimes also referred to as “bedroom eyes” appear as if the eye lid is partially closed. Hooded eyes often need more prominence, so to give this illusion:

  • Use a light highlight shade on brow bone and inner corner along lash line.
  • Apply an eye shadow shade slightly darker than the highlight shade over the entire lid and hooded area of the eye.
  • Use a darker contour shade on the outer corner, sweeping up to a light peak.
  • Finish with a liner to define the lash lines.

Makeup for Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes are spaced out in the face, and the goal is typically to bring the eyes closer together for a more proportionate look. This can be achieved by:

  • Using a highlight shade on the central portion of the upper lid.
  • Use a medium shadow up to the brow bone from the inner corner outward, finishing in inward slant.
  • With a darker shade, shade the edge of the upper lid and the outer crease.
  • Apply liner to focus on the center and inward corner of the eye – this gives the illusion of drawing the eye closer together.

Makeup for Close Set Eyes

Alternatively, eyes that appear close together can be brought out by using a light shade on the inner corner and most of the lid and a medium shade from the middle of the brow bone and sweeping outward. The darker contour color should outer corner and blend up and out toward the edge of the brow line.

Prominent Eyes Makeup

For prominent or convex eye shapes, makeup can help reduce the appearance if bulging, or bugging out. To make the eye appear as if it is receding a bit more into the face, use a dark shade of eye shadow near the lash line and base of the lid. Use a slightly lighter shade for the crease, and blend outward towards the brow bone.

Deep-Set Eyes Makeup

The opposite of prominent eyes, deep-set eyes recede back into the sockets. Ideas to bring them out with makeup:

  • Lighten the inner corner and entire lid with shadow.
  • Use a medium shadow above the crease and gently apply it across the bottom of the brow bone.
  • Use a darker contour shade only at the outer crease and dip slightly outward.
  • Keep liner, especially on the upper lid, thin.

Drooping Eyes

Although drooping eyes that slope downward can be seen at any age, this is sometimes the look of mature eyes of other shapes as well. To make eyes appear livelier:

  • Apply a light shade in an oval shape on the lid and inner corner.
  • Follow with a medium shade that stops slightly before the edge of the brow.
  • Finish with a dense patch of shadow in and slightly above the outer crease that extends toward the brow.

Use liner in lower lash line, but keep the line light, and stop before the outer corner.

The Secret of Big Eyes

Shadows of dark shades make your eyes visually smaller, deep set, while light tints, on the contrary, make them appear bigger, “open them wider”. If you want to create the effect of big, beautiful eyes, choose light eye shadows. Apply eye shadows after the application of eye pencil or any other kind of eyeliner: it would make your look softer and dreamy. If you want to make your look more dramatic, apply eyeliner after the application of eye-shadows. Then curl your eyelashes, it would add them shape. Then finish your eye make-up with a layer of mascara. In order to add more volume to your eyelashes and to make them appear bigger use a dense mascara. Never line the inner edge of the lower eyelashes, it would make your eyes visually smaller.

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