The Perfect Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

Pale skin could be extremely translucent so obtaining the correct foundation is among your most critical duties. Pale skin tends to be translucent and prone to sun damage which results in fast a aging. So if you live in the sunny climate the first thing you need to think about is protection for your skin.

Trying to go several shades darker in a foundation to look more tanned can cause those hideous demarcation lines at the neck. By following tips and tricks in make up one can cover the flaws and can shimmer and shine like a dazzling beauty. Intelligent is the person who knows her flaws and ways to cover it.

The Best Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

Here are some tips for choosing the best make up for pale skin. Below, I’ve compiled the top makeup tricks for all of us pale skinned chicks out there!

  1. If you have pale skin, then you know how difficult it is to find a foundation that matches your skintone. You need to make sure the color matches perfectly. If it is too dark you end up looking like you’re wearing a mask. In alternative, always apply a sunscreen before foundation, to help slow the aging process.
  2. Emphasizing the eyes is the next step of makeup. Apply a small amount of translucent powder on the eyelids for the enduring effect. Then apply the dark hues as prune back, burgundies, copper and dark browns because the dark colors matches with your complexion more, than the light ones.
  3. Black liner in the water line of the eyes followed by a very sheer, well-blended application of bronze or golden shadow on the top lid and under the eye is a great summer look. This looks a little smoky, yet still fresh and youthful.
  4. Apply blush with a light hand and be careful to not overdo it or you’ll end up looking like a clown. Cream blushes in pale pinks and apricots are a great choice for pale skin and gives you a natural rosy glow.
  5. When you are porcelain skinned, there are a lot of colors that you can use but you want to keep it warm. Light pinks, soft honey and peaches are all colors that flatter us fair skinned chicks. Just keep it light and airy and you should look beautiful!
  6. Lips deserve color as well. In everyday makeup your can go nude, peach or rosy but if you want a splash of color go coral, berry and red-browns. The lip color should go well with your hair color so it won’t look too garish or over-the-top.

Finding the right makeup tricks that work best for your skin tone isn’t easy. Trust me, it took me forever to find a make up that works for me and that I feel comfortable in! Hope that you will like these tips.

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