The Best Makeup Tips for Winter: Enhance Your Beauty in Winter Season

Makeup for winter is a special segment of your basic lifestyle changes during winter. There will be change in your clothing as the heavy coats and shawls come out from the top shelf of your wardrobe. Your footwear becomes warmers and darker so the style of makeup too has to change to keep up with these changes.

Moreover, your skin becomes dry during winter and your winter make up has to take care of that as well. In this article we share some interesting tips for winter makeup, explaining what you should avoid in makeup and best alternatives for things that work in summer time but do not work in winter season.

The Perfect Makeup Tips for Winters

This winter there are several distinct styles inspired by the runway, and we’ll walk through the best winter makeup tips.

  • Choose good face cream to apply under your makeup, so it will last long.
  • The most basic thing that you must do before any make up is to moisturize your skin. If your skin is dry and flaky then no amount of makeup is going to make you look gorgeous.
  • So wash your face with a hydrating face wash and then apply a face lotion to make the skin supple before makeup.
  • The base of any hot makeup is always the foundation. It is the most important cosmetic you need to have and use properly. Use more of liquid foundation and less of powder during winters.
  • Try colored mascara like navy, burgundy, and auburn that gives lashes a subtle color and some depth as well, without looking too obvious.
  • Winters calls for more defined eyes. So, you should use a chocolate brown or charcoal liner along your upper lashes.
  • It is a good idea to opt for neutral shades of makeup, such as light browns, grays, pinks and purples.
  • If you want to draw attention to only one area of your face during winter, it is best to put emphasis on your eyes. A smoky eye look will work well during this time of year.
  • Keep your lips moisturized in order to prevent them from becoming cracked and dry. It is a good idea to apply a lip-gloss throughout the day.
  • A bit of sheen on eyes can be used too for a change, especially if you are using nude shades on your lips.
  • Either your moisturizer or your foundation should have broad-spectrum sun protection.
  • A light, matt foundation as well as a tinted powder, with a slight shimmer, look great in winters.
  • For fragrance, it is best to stick to essence of essential oils, spices and other natural aromas.
  • Smokey eyes look best in winters. For sultry effect, you can use eye shadows in cinnamon and coffee shades.
  • A sheer layer of creamy blush-on can boost up the subtle makeup look that you adopt in winters.
  • Tinted lip balms, in honey, blackberry and red currant tones, look great in the winter season.

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