Top 10 Simple Everyday Makeup Tips

Many people say that inner beauty is more important than the outward appearance. When it comes to women, they are very particular about their clothing, foot wear, accessories and makeup. You may not want to apply makeup overly for your daily routine just to look presentable. You can also apply simple makeup for a daily look.

The purpose of daily makeup is generally to maintain your looks on a regular basis. So this includes the simple things that help you proceed in your daily life. However, applying cosmetics on a daily basis may not be a good idea as too much of it could prove harmful for the skin. But the argument in its favor says that daily makeup helps the women feel more confident.

Simple Everyday Makeup Tips

Simple everyday makeup will give you a fresh, confident look. Throwing on any makeup can damage your skin and bring down confidence. Here are some simple tips to keep your makeup hassle free and looking fresh all day!

  1. Always remember that while using the cosmetics on a daily basis you should use only quality products.
  2. Therefore choosing the cosmetics is an important step as it is directly related to the skin care and health.
  3. Apply foundation or powder. Powder is less damaging for your skin, but mineral makeup works best. Don’t apply too much, or you will look silly. If you have freckles, don’t try to cover them up as they are beautiful, and they just look strange covered.
  4. Some people prefer to use blusher, while others don’t. If you want to use blusher, make sure it is a light, natural pink shade. If you have freckles, another reason not to cover them up is so they can act as your blusher. Some people prefer to use bronzer rather than blusher- experiment and find out what works best for you.
  5. Take a little foundation and apply it lightly on skin unevenness and minor aberrations in order to conceal them. See that the foundation you use will match your skin tone or it should be lighter than your skin tone. You can experiment by using light earth tones than dark colors. These lighter tones may not cause skin irritation and will also help in giving you a natural look.
  6. Blush brush plays a major role in applying makeup. You can use peachy pink blush to apples for your cheeks. See that you blend the blush outward towards your temple. Prevent yourself from getting carried away by this as this may spoil your look. See that you give your cheeks a naturally flushed look.
  7. Eye makeup can vary between people. Some like to wear shadow, liner and mascara, while others just use mascara. Choose what you like, and stick with it. Apply a tan shade of shadow up to your crease. Use a darker brown such as bronze or chocolate brown to enhance your crease and softly line your eyes. Apply a darker shade of brown to the outer crease and blend well.
  8. For having luscious lips daily, one of the best ideas is to have a peach or pink shade which is a tad deeper than the natural color of your lips is perfect. No hassle and natural look are the two advantages of doing this. In your daily hustle and bustle, you would save time by not needing to be very detailed about the lipstick. This is a very important element as far as everyday make up looks is concerned.
  9. Powder cosmetics revolve a lot around the everyday makeup ideas. Avoid the usage of liquid products for better makeup application. Powder cosmetics will help in reducing skin irritation.
  10. If you want to give a dramatic look to your eyes, use a champagne shadow over your brow bone and eyelids. Apply a very slight shimmer if you want to achieve a bright eyed look. For the crease, apply a muted brown shadow if you have natural depths and darkness. Blend the eye shadow evenly in such a way that the two shades cannot be distinguished.

Last, but not the least, in your everyday makeup ideas, do not forget to pay attention to your outfit as well, because if you wear something which doesn’t suit your body type, the makeup would not be of any use! Oh and yes, if you have washed you hair, leave them open, play them down and if you haven’t, tying them loosely will be good. I guess I will leave the rest amongst everyday makeup ideas to your discretion! All the best!

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