Quick Makeup Tips for Busy Working Women

In the competitive world of today, it is very difficult for a woman to give equal attention to her home as well as her work. She always feels that twenty four hours are hardly enough to complete her duties as a wife, mother and also that of a career woman. If you are a busy woman, you know how small the early morning time slot can be sometimes.

Not all women have the time to spend an hour in front of the makeup mirror every morning. The good news is, you don’t have to. Makeup does not have to be a long, painstaking process in order to look great. Since it is always good if you are within a few minutes makeup can. This is possible, for example through a well-applied makeup. Learn some makeup tips that you can save with minimal effort and valuable time:

The Best Makeup Tips for Working Woman

I would like to share our simple makeup tips for all of the busy women out there. These tips will help you look your best in the least amount of time possible.

  • Before starting your makeup you should clean your face thoroughly. Use your soap or face wash gel to wash your face.
  • After washing dry your face with a soft towel.
  • To begin with , it is very important to cleanse , tone and moisturize. I find cleansing wipes are very useful and quick. Many cosmetics companies make such wipes, there are even some brands which cleanse , tone and moisturize in one. This helps you to save time, but also allows your skin to be properly cleansed, even when the clock is ticking.
  • Unleash the power of minerals. Mineral makeup is wonderful because of its versatility. Since the main ingredients in most of the products are the same, you can use them on practically any part of your face. In other words, you can use your pressed powder eyeshadow as blush, or your lip color as a creme eyeshadow. Think outside the box and get creative!
  • If you have any issues in your face like dark spots, age spots, acne mark, or hyper pigmentation you can use a concealer. But concealer should be a lighter shade than your foundation. Select a concealer that suits the color of your foundation.
  • Now apply foundation. There are two types of foundation one is liquid type and one is cream type. You can select the one which will work best for your skin type. The women with dry skin can go for cream foundation. Be careful while selecting the color of the foundation that will match your skin tone. Take little foundation in your finger tips and apply in your forehead, chin, cheeks and nose carefully and blend it evenly in your face or you can use sponge to blend.
  • You have to start with eye shadows for your eyes. Select a perfect eye shadow which matches your skin tone and dress. Take a soft eye shadow brush and wipe it lightly in the one which you have selected and gently sweep on your eyelids.
  • Blush your cheeks it is much important. It makes your cheeks and your face bright. Select a natural color or light color like the color of your palm to blush your face.
  • As final steps of your makeup process we are going to finish it off with the lips. While selecting a lipstick we should be careful that the lipstick should suite the skin makeup, your outfit and your skin tone. Use lip gloss it helps to protect your lips soft and to give a shining finish to your lips.

Overall, the best makeup tips for the busy woman are those that rely on the basics. Simplicity and convenience do not have to represent the opposite of beautiful makeup. No matter how busy you are, you can always find time for the essentials, and still wind up looking fabulous.

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