7 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

Valentine’s Day will be here in just a few weeks. Whether you are going to a nice restaurant with your guy or cooking a nice meal at home, you want to look your best. Whether it’s going on a night out friends, clubbing with your cousins, dinner with family or a romantic date with a loved one, you should never forget to be at your best during this special day. This Valentine’s Day 2013, spice up your look with some of these simple and sexy makeup tips. Every woman deserves to be glamorous on V-Day.

The Outstanding Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day

  1. Instead of choosing a med- full coverage foundation, go with a tinted moisturizer instead and top with a powder. It’s a more natural finish and it will even out your skin tone without looking heavy. Add concealer to cover a blemish or under eye circles, but keep it light.
  2. Apply mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the roots to deposit as much of it as possible before pulling the wand straight up.
  3. To get a flirty winged eye, you don’t need to apply liquid liner. Instead, use black eye shadow. Place an adhesive note on the outer corner of the eye at the desired angle. Then, using a flat eyeliner brush, sweep black eye shadow along the edge of the note; the paper serves as a stencil. Remove it to reveal a soft and sexy eye. If black eye shadow is too harsh for you, try a gray or cocoa shadow instead.
  4. To make lashes look long and separated, apply three coats of mascara but comb through the mascara while it’s still wet with a clean, dry spooley brush.
  5. Add some color to your cheeks with a candy pink blush and shimmer powder. Just apply the blush along your cheekbones with a blush brush and then apply a shimmer powder on top of it to give your skin some extra sheen.
  6. Keep your skin glowing and touchable by using a cream blush. It will melt into your skin and give a very natural finish, undetectable to the male eye!! Tip- Warm up the cream blush between two fingers and then press it into the apples of your cheeks.
  7. Hot pink lipstick is just so girly and will really brighten up your complexion. MAC Lipstick in “Pink Poodle” is a beautiful hot pink shade that looks flattering on most women. After you apply this lipstick to your lips, apply a sheer pink lip gloss on top of it to give your lips shine.

Finally, Be nice, loving, loyal, faithful and beautiful not just by the way you look, but also with your manners and behavior while dealing with other people, so the others will see you as a princess a queen the prettiest. If you know any tip about valentines day makeup 2013 so please share with us via comments below.

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