Fabulous Valentine Day Makeup Tips To Look Hot on V-Day

Valentine’s Day is near at hand. So everybody gets confused over the presents for beloved people, look and the way to spend holiday. Ladies know how important it is to look stunning for a similar special event. The makeup for Valentine’s Day is one of the most appealing and romantic. To look good on Valentine’s Day means to be the centre of attraction for those who have crush on you.

This holiday, celebrate romance and love by wearing red and applying some easy Valentine makeup tips. A sexy romantic Valentine makeup look is perfect for a candlelight dinner for two or an evening tryst. This Valentine’s Day, spice up your look with some of these simple and sexy makeup tips. Every woman deserves to be glamorous on V-Day.

The Glamorous Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

Before doing makeup for Valentine’s Day keep that makeup tips for Valentine’s Day in mind that you should know the occasion that weather it is formal date or informal hangout with friends. You should be cute and attractive at both occasions at Valentine’s Day. Use the tips and tricks from the following insight into the art of modern makeup styles.

  • The red and pink coloured shade compliments well for a romantic evening. It suits all skin types. For lighter complexion, the shade can be subtle and spread well on face using a soft tissue.
  • Golden eye shadows will make your eyes shine over a Valentine’s dinner. Use Jane Iredale’s Glimmer Gold shadow on your entire eyelid. Apply Jane’s liquid black eyeliner to the upper lid of your eye and line the bottom. Apply several layers of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes. The black of the eyeliner will look great against your Valentine makeup.
  • This Valentine makeup tip will make your skin look flawless. Apply YSL’s Blush Variation powder cheek blush to the cheekbones. Sweep the makeup from the back of the cheekbone to the apples of the cheeks. Less is more, so start light and apply more as you need it.
  • Going for a dark cherry red lip colour will catch the eyes of your partner every moment. This is the best season to flaunt the colour of red and fairer skin tones can do justice with ease.
  • Finish your makeup look with some hot red nail polish on your toes and fingers. Do not skimp on the color, go bold and go red! Use Deborah Lippmann’s, “Stop and Stare”.  Trust us, the boys will!

I hope you will like these very useful makeup tips for valentines day. If you fallow these tips, you can successfully make a romantic look. Have a Happy and Romantic Valentine’s day!

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