15 Outstanding Photos From National Geographic

The Boston Globe, has put together some highlights of photos that have been entered into National Geographic’s photo competition. There are some amazing photos as linked below.  Here are two of my favorites from it. These two below, just show the beauty that is out in the world, and just simply capture a great setting.

By Cesare Naldi, United States – National Geographic

Silhouetted View of The Cross, Splitting the Sunny sky From the Stormy Plains

Curious Gulls on Sanibel Island, Florida Gull-i-Bel Photo and Caption Richard Rush

National Geographic By Hugo Machado Portugal

United States by Michael Hanson – National Geographic

Saltwater Crocodile By Yeang Chng United States

Caged Monkeys By Li Feng, Hubei Province China

By Robert Garrett United States

Spain By Silvia Martinez Dominguez

By Jose Hernandez – United States

By Jacopo Pandolfini National Geographic

Lovely Patten Pond in Maine By Charistine Guinness

Kolmanskop Namibia

Chicago City Lights Photo

Matanuska Glacier Cave, Alaska By George F Mobley

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