The Beauty of Lightning Photography For Inspiration

Chasing and taking photos of lightning really is one of the most difficult for photographers to do. Yet it is most rewarding when captured perfectly with proper equipment, technique, location, timing and patience. In our list, notice that most of these awesome images are taken at night this emphasizes more on the beauty of the subject. However some of these lightning photos are taken during daytime. It is really awesome how these destructive and powerful forces of nature are being captured since chances are rare and considering the risks involved in taking these photos.

Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

Wonderful Lighting Photography

Big Storm 2

Thunder Bolt Over The Sea

Thunder Storm

Eruption Lightning at Krakatau

Awesome Photography

Apocalypse – Jordi Gallego

Lightning Sky, Nebraska, 1996

Lightning Original

Lake Ontario Lightning

Lightning Chilth

Anger – Lightning

Shlomi Nissim – Lightning

Lightning Over Miramare Di RiminiItaly

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