Stunning Vexel Artwork: Creative Designs

Vexel artwork is a kind of raster art where pixels are directly tweaked to make the design pop out and look lifelike. It’s a method that allows the artist to make their work look as realistic as possible. Although many people believe that vexel art falls under the category of vector, this isn’t actually true because of how drastically different the methods are.

These designs require hundreds of layers which is going to lead the artist to work on them for countless hours. It’s a very tedious task and there are definitely artists out there that aren’t going to want to devote the time to it. Check out these many amazing examples of vexel artwork and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Stunning Vexel Artwork Photo Gallery

The Pillow Fight

Citric Explosion

Dance With The Moonlight



Sugar Fish

I Love DA

Law of Survival





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