The Most Useful Hand Skin Care Tips in Winter

Winter is around and most of you are already searching the best products from the market so that you can take good care of your skin during this cold, dry season. In winter, the worst situation that most of you face is dryness of your hands and legs. It is a common problem in many of you that when taking care of the other body parts, you just tend to forget your hands.

But remember, taking care of your hands is very important as it not only enables you to do work but also dry, itchy hand may not be liked by others. The nuances of that special care for your hands is what we will be discussing in this following article. Need those great hands, don’t you? Read, read.

The Perfect Hand Care Tips in Winter

In this story you will get the ideas on how to take care of your hands during winter season. Read on:

Humidify the Air:

Moisten the air inside your house by placing a plate of water near heaters. I usually use rose water that also fills the air with a delicate scent and works as aromatherapy. This simple measure will prevent your skin, including the skin of your hands, from over-drying.

Moong Dal Scrub:

I love to scrub my hands with whole green moong dal. The sun dried moong dal seeds have to be powdered into whatever consistency you want. These c1an be stored in a container to be used later. This powdered moong dal can be used for rough exfoliation and it makes the skin super smooth.

Wear Gloves During Winters:

Whenever you go out in the winter season, it is important that you wear long gloves that will cover the exposed area of your hand. It will help to retain the moisture in the hand keeping it smooth. In winter, gloves also protect your hands from dryness and cold wind. This winter wearing is considered as one of the best protection of hands from cold and dry weather.

Apply Masks Homemade Hand:

A few drops of lemon juice applied to the hands after washing is a good way to add moisture and essential vitamins for the skin and restore its pH balance. As an emergency hand mask, use a mixture of 1 tablespoon glycerin 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 egg yolk, 1 egg, and several ounces of rose water. Another miraculous hand mask can be made by mixing the humble boiled potatoes and milk.

Moisturize Your Hands:

Always, always moisturize. That is the be all and end all of keeping your hands soft and smooth. Moisturizing lotions and creams not only provide a protective shield for your hands, but also hydrate them and make up for the dryness. Depending on the kind of skin that one has, one needs to choose a moisturizing product.

Avoid Washing Your Hands:

Avoid washing your hands often, because the mere act of washing hands will cause dryness. Use a hand sanitizer instead. When washing hands with water, avoid using soaps as far as possible because they dry the skin out more.

Use Shea Butter or Natural Oils for Hands:

In the market, you will find number of good products that are very gentle over your skin. Try buying products with Shea butter. Shea butter and other natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil and aloe vera oil help recovering the redness and crack of your skin. Make it a rule of implementing Shea butter or coconut oil or olive oil everyday while you are hitting your bed in the night.

Vitamin E Capsules:

These capsules have vitamin E with Aloe Vera and I apply these capsules overnight over my hands to let them work through the night. These capsules work wonderfully and nourish skin and give it a healthy glow.

It’s not really tough to care for your skin once you know what needs to be done. And with all the methods provided for thus, you’ll be able to get a good regime in place. So here’s to the soft satiny hands this winter, correct?

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