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Source: Death Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. Not Ready For Goodbye

I’m not ready for goodbye,
Nor so long or see ya later.
Not ready for the end,
Not ready for this reality.
I’m not ready for this life,
one without you in it.
I’m not ready for your goodbye.
maybe someone else’s,
anyone else’s,
just not yours,
never ever yours.
Death doesn’t become of you,
It isn’t your best color,
So could they change the prognosis,
Tell me it was just a mistake,
Just another misdiagnosis.
Please remind me you are indestructible,
just like we always used to believe,
Tell me you are still my guardian,
And still going to be living.
Please tell me daddy,
You will still always be my best friend.
Please tell me you will never leave me,
And you will be here till the end.
Tell me I’m having a nightmare,
And I will wake up in the morning,
With all these things being nothing but another forgotten dream.
Tell me you will always love me,
And stay with me,
My selfishness wants you to always stay by my side.
Knowing that you are going to be gone,
Won’t make your leaving any easier.
I love you do much daddy,
Infinity and Beyond.

2. As My Tear Softly Falls

And he puts his boat in the water for the last time
A tear will fall for the last time
I wipe the tears from my face with your old shirt for the last time
I cry about the last time I said goodbye to you

More then oceans separate us
More then continents themselves
But in my heart you will remain
Along with everything you taught me

Memories seep from my veins
Vivid pictures of you lay softly in the back of my mind
But you now rest in the arms of the angels
Everyday I wish you were here to hold me in your arms
And comfort me threw every obstacle in life
And such a thought brings me weeping on my knees

And everyday I picture you
I remember you
And everyday I struggle with the reality that you’re gone
And with that struggle I make it threw another day

Everything happens for a reason
Yours was to build me up
And no one can ever tear me down
You taught me all you could in your short time with me
And now my only job is to remember and never forget

Rain is nothing but tears to me
Tears from a man who wasn’t good at sharing his emotions
Although going on without you upsets me
Everything reminds me
I’m not afraid to cry
I pretend to be ok everyday
And it’s always hard to deal with the pain of loosing you
And force that smile when it just won’t come.

The wake comes off the bow
The anchor is reeled in

Another tear softly falls for him

3. Daddy

The day you answered God’s call
Left an empty space
My world came crashing down
I couldn’t breathe…couldn’t talk…
I felt so numb, I couldn’t walk.

It was so hard to believe
That you were gone.
Once so strong;
Where do I belong?
Why did you have to leave?
Why did you have to go?

Thinking of you brings tears to my eyes
I never thought I would see your demise
Who will teach me right from wrong?
Now that you are gone?

Daddy, you put me through varsity
You did that by working with your hands
You built big buildings and painted tall walls
Times were tough that I knew
You did what you could, to help me through

You could fixed anything you laid your hands on
There wasn’t a thing you couldn’t do
With a little cement or some glue
Just thinking about this, is making me blue!

You made me so proud on my wedding day
When you so unselfishly gave me away
You hugged me and wished me well
And I think a saw a tear

It was so hard for you to let me go
To let your “little girl” venture into a world unknown
Without you holding my hand or to catch me if I fall
But don’t worry daddy
I remember everything you taught me
If I forget, it’s a pity I can’t call

Now its time for me to let you go
The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
But before I do,
I want you to know, I’m so sorry for all I put you through
I Love you Daddy
More than words can describe
I wish you were here, I wish you were alive!

4. Heaven Is Never Too Far

Words cannot explain
how much you mean to me
nothing could ever compare
or even ever be

you’re my papa, my own and only
you’re my leaning post
although I love my family
you’re the one I love most

even though you may be leaving
you’ll still be in my heart
you’ll always be real close
even though we’re far apart

while you’re in heaven, please watch over me
and help me as I grow
you have taught me so much
but there is still so much more to know

I’m not going to say good-bye
or that I can’t go on
I’ll say I love you, and see you later
even though you’re gone

I love you papa, more than you’ll ever know
I know you’ll be in heaven as a shining star
no matter how far away you seem
heaven is never too far

Source: Death Poems from Family Friend Poems

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