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Saying goodbye to your lover is a heartbreaking moment. You feel as if a part of you is being separated and going of to do something else. You are used to relying on each other for everything.

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Source: Sad Love Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. The Sad Goodbye

Since I have met you I’ve
become more like me,
Because of you I’m the way
I’m supposed to be.

There was a special bond between us
I never could explain,
But with our friendship we
never, ever had to strain.

But now our times are changing
our lives are rearranging,
Me and you just don’t go to together
like we used to.

So you may not understand it
but it’s time for something new,
And now I think I’m ready
to say goodbye to you.

2. Unreal…

You held my hand so tight
We watched the stars all night
But still I realize
There’s something in your eyes.

The way you say you love me
And that we are meant to be
Is killing every piece of me
If you could only see.

There’s no doubt you really care
But it’s your heart you can never share
And though you tried your best to love me
It’s just not meant to be and so I set you free.

It’s hard for me to let go
But it’s the only way I know
To spare you from suffering
And to save my heart from dying.

It’s true you want my happiness
But it’s time to be honest
And as much as it hurts I’m going to say it now
It’s time for us to break our vows.

Still I thank you for everything
And it’s your love I’ll forever be missing
And now that I have to go
Remember what we had was never a show.

I love you dear and so I fear
You’ll be miserable if I am near
So take this chance and explore the world
Let your heart be your sword!

Goodbye my love and be happy
I’ll be fine you have nothing to worry
Take her hand and you will see,
That I was never your destiny!!

3. The Boxes In The Hall

In every Room of our time together there is a box,
Of memories we shared,
Now is the time to pack away,
With Sadness and with Care.

The first is a simple smile,
When ever I thought of you,
Neatly folded into four,
It’s the best that I could do.

Next are all the memories,
Of the times when we were two,
Wrapped with love one by one,
Sealed with tears as glue.

And then there are the butterflies,
I had when you were near,
Now in a cage of sadness,
And locked up with a tear.

Next are the times we kissed,
Each one wrapped with a sigh,
Placed next to a rolled up list,
Of all the times I’ve asked my self why.

Now to pack are the pieces of my heart,
Gathered in a pile,
Each one wrapped up tenderly,
And placed next to a distant smile.

Finally all the shattered wishes,
Placed in softly so no more can break,
Covering them over trying not to cry,
So they would not all ache.

Lastly walking round each room,
Closing each and every curtain,
Shutting each and every door,
Leaving behind each and ever pain.

Gathering up the memories we shared,
Making sure I’ve got them all,
Packing them softly because I cared,
Leaving them in the boxes in the hall

4. Knight In Shining Armor

We were once the youngest of toddlers,
Playing recklessly without concern,
But how the tides have changed,
What I had is now what I yearn.

We were the best of friends,
I loved him to no end,
But as the days passed by,
It was getting harder and harder to pretend.

The truth was I was in love,
With the charming boy next door,
Our friendship was unique,
But it grew to be so much more.

We dated for a few,
It was the happiest years of my life,
We gave everything to each other,
And he even asked for me to be his wife.

You see, it was everything that I wanted,
It seemed too good to be true,
He made me believe in love,
Amid all the struggles we went through.

He was a special man,
He stood out from all the rest,
He was so selfless at times,

And that’s why he was truly the best

But as we inevitably grew older,
We left our youth behind,
It was time to let go of the past,
There was no use in being blind.

The truth was I was deeply in love,
With the fragile man next door,
No matter how much I denied his fate,
I knew it was time for his spirit to soar.

The day came when he left my side,
It was a cold and gloomy night,
I still remember that day so clearly,
I held onto him with all my might.

It was the last I saw of him,
The last study of his face,
But it doesn’t really matter because
Our memories cannot be erased.

My heart bruises easily,
As I sit alone late at night,
But I often reassure myself,
Because I know that I’ll be all right.

Nothing has really changed,
Nothing that I can see,
Even though he’s not here right now,
I still feel his presence next to me.

The story of our love,
Is an endless story never to be lost,
I don’t know if I will ever see him again,
But I always keep my fingers crossed.

My heart is slowly adjusting,
To continue life without that charmer,
But I know that I will never be alone because
He will always be my knight in shining armor.

Source: Sad Love Poems from Family Friend Poems

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