Interesting Examples of Photography and Print Ads

Designing a promotional banner can be challenging, since you have to come up with an attention-grabbing concept in order for it to stand out. A humorous print design doesn’t need lots of words to communicate a message, because proper image use and execution are enough to leave an impact on people. We hope these examples help you create a hilarious and remarkable print ad out of a funny and outrageous idea! Scroll down and get ready to laugh your heart out!

15 Funny Examples of Photography and Print Ads

You Are My Best Friend

Group Portrait Funnyphoto

Six Feet Funny Picture

Shh! Funny Photo

Brand Irony 1 – Just Do It Funny Boy

Apple A Day Funny Photo Graphy

Aquafresh Flexigel – Ear Funny Photo

You Promised Never Again Funny Photo Snap

Sun Funny Picture

Orangeman Funny Still Photo

Ephone v900: Snakebite FunnyPhoto

Collaboration Funny Picture

Nutri Balance – Husband Funny Photo

Cafe Rico – Wrecking Ball Funny Photos

Purina Bark in the Park – Tree Funny Group Photo

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