You are Still The One: Best Lost Love Poems

The loss of a lover, whether because they have passed on or for any other reason is a heartbreaking experience. Some never fully recover. There might always be a small place in your heart that holds the pain of this experience. This is natural and fine. Even when you find another person to love, it is OK to hold a place for the lover that has passed. You shared something profound together.

We have some new and latest lost love poem. You must read  these outstanding selection of poems. You can send these poems to your friends and family members. Just read the full collection of lost love poems. We are quite sure that you will love this post, So let’s get started and don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to keep track on our next selection.

Source: Lost Love Poems by Family Friend Poems

1. I Can’t Believe What I’ve Found

I was searching for something
but I didn’t know where to look,
I searched for so long,
and all my time it took.
What was I looking for,
or what was looking for me?
My eyes I kept open
but I just couldn’t see.
It was gnawing at my heart
and ripping through my brain.
I didn’t know what was wrong.
I thought I was going insane.
I was tired of looking for something
that I thought was impossible to find.
It was tearing me apart.
I prayed to God to give me a sign.
I waited and waited,
but the sign never came.
Finally, one day it happened
My heart completely changed
I found what I was looking for,
But I wasn’t looking for this.
Am I sure this is what I was looking for?
Or was it something that I missed?
When I looked into the eyes
of this something I thought was fake
I saw an angel looking back,
and my heart it did take.
This something that I’ve been looking for
was a true gift from God above.
The missing piece I found was you and your love.

Source: Lost Love Poems by Family Friend Poems

2. I Wanted To Go With You

I was a lonely wanderer, searching for a place to belong, you came into my life and gave me love, a place to call home. home is where the heart is, it doesn’t always have four walls. sometimes it can be a park bench, a homeless shelter, no matter where we lay our heads we are together and love counts the most. we had our trials in life, even a few brief spats and separations but you had my heart as no one ever before, we always made up and got back together, loving each other ever the more. now you are gone and I can’t be with you for awhile, my aching heart is killing me, I cannot smile. you became sick and wasted away, why oh why did you have to leave me all alone? I wanted to go with you but I have to wait, wait till my name is called and I hope you come with Jesus to carry me away, this I wait for impatiently each and every day.

Source: Lost Love Poems by Family Friend Poems

3. A Shattered Heart

Some say a broken heart is like a shattered vase

Fragile pieces scattered all over the place.

The shattered pieces of broken glass seem to go everywhere

Unlike the pieces of a broken heart that seem to pierce your soul.

With faith and hope you try to mend the broken heart

Unlike the vase it cannot be so easily replaced.

It takes a while to mend it and then you lock it up

You hide the key and wait to see if someone can be found

A special person who will use the key to unlock the heart

A unique person who will handle the heart with gentle hands,

Who can be honest, truthful and handle it with care.

My heart and I wonder is there really that kind of person out there.

Source: Lost Love Poems by Family Friend Poems

4. No Such Thing As Happy Endings

The first night they meet
He knew it to be true
This girl who lied before him
Was genuine and true

He looked into her eyes
The deep browns didn’t lie
She loved him just as much
Or was it all a lie?

The nights turned into mornings
The days went by to quick
His chances seemed to slip away
With every day that went

Then finally the day had come
She said she couldn’t wait..
Time had passed so swiftly
He was far too late

It was then he realized
He made a huge mistake
He let the girl he loved
Simply slip away…

Source: Lost Love Poems by Family Friend Poems

5. Losing The Best Part Of ME

I’m no longer whole
And sadly neither is he
We’ve been locked out by pain
And cannot find the key

We fight we struggle
We kick and scream
Please let us back in
And wake us from this dream

We both need a clue
About what the future holds
Will pain keep us locked out
And see how we do in the cold?

The cold air makes us forget
Forget how to get back in
Fighting and screaming wont help
Pain wants to see how he will win

After the struggle, the exhaustion takes over
Leaves us both on our knees
It’s clearly too late…
I’ve lost the best part of me

Source: Lost Love Poems by Family Friend Poems

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  1. These are great! I can always appreciate some lost love poems!

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