How To Relieve Pregnancy Weakness

Whether it was your very first pregnancy symptom or it hit you a few weeks after the pee stick read positive, you’re pregnant and suddenly you’ve never been so tired! Many pregnant women experience bouts of fatigue from time to time. They feel sluggish and tired and their energy levels are lower than normal. Many pregnant women feel extremely tired and exhausted early in pregnancy, even before they’re proudly bearing that lovely bump.

It is very important during your pregnancy that you receive regular prenatal care and stick to a healthy diet; however, there are other things you can do to reduce fatigue. So, if you’re struggling with fatigue in pregnancy, what can you do to cope with this annoying pregnancy symptom? How can you feel more rested and have more energy levels? However, it’s not the same for every woman. You may feel tired all through your pregnancy, or you may hardly slow down at all.

The Best Tips on Reduce Fatigue During Pregnancy

  • Adjust your schedule: You could reduce your hours at work, or if that’s not possible, perhaps adjust the hours when you work. If you’re already a mum, give yourself a break now and then and leave your children with someone else, so you can catch up on your sleep. If you live in a joint family, ask for help and support from your family members. If you are a nuclear family, ask your family and friends for support, and accept offers of help.
  • Use aromatherapy with oils from such things as grapefruits or mandarins, which are known to uplift and energize. These also can help regulate your sleep patterns.
  • There is a very simple natural remedy for such muscle cramps, that I learn from a Pilates master trainer: eat a banana. It is a healthy source of magnesium, which helps prevent cramps, and make them less painful. Tried, tested and approved!
  • Stay Away from Sweets: Sweets and sugary treats are delicious, and they may give you an instant boost of energy. But they aren’t worth the tiredness and fatigue that you feel after the sugar rush goes away. To keep your energy up throughout the day, snack on healthy snacks, such as fruit and yogurt.
  • Reduce your use of alcohol or other drugs, such as caffeine or nicotine, which may contribute to fatigue.
  • Water is the best choice in the evening. Definitely avoid tea and coffee: not only can they keep you awake, but they drain liquid from your body quite intensively, giving you a stronger urge still.
  • Increase your caloric intake by about 300 calories per day but ensure that they are nutritious calories and not junk food. Increase the number of meals you eat; however, reduce the amount of food at each meal.
  • Hire a Cleaning Lady: If you are struggling with pregnancy fatigue, why not just forgo the household chores? You don’t want to expend the little energy you have on cleaning and tidying up. Get your husband to handle some of the work, or hire a professional house cleaner when you’re pregnant. You don’t want to over-exert yourself during pregnancy. It’s not healthy, and you will be exhausted and grumpy as a result.
  • Exercise each day with a walk or swim, yoga or some other form that will increase your circulation and keep your muscles toned. This may also help you with the birthing process.

Just be patient. Fatigue won’t last forever. Once your baby is born, you won’t feel the overwhelming tiredness that you might be feeling now. Hang on, and it will get better!

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