Symptoms and Signs of Ovulation – Fertility

{YBA} Many women can tell when they are ovulating just by paying attention to their body and watching for fertility signs. Not everyone knows what signs of ovulation are or what to look for. You may have heard that you ovulate around day 14 of your cycle. This is a myth.

Women ovulate at different times of the month so paying attention to signs of ovulation is a good way to ensure that you are having intercourse during the right days each month.

BBT charting and ovulation prediction kits are even better but for some women charting and testing takes away from the natural process of trying to get pregnant. If you are not interested in charting or want to watch for other signs of ovulation that do not require morning temperature taking, you may just want to watch your body for signs that you are ovulating.

Typical Signs of Ovulation

Increase in cervical mucous, Cervical mucous will increase before ovulation and right around ovulation you will notice slippery “egg white” looking cervical mucous.

Increased sex-drive- You may be more interested in sex or be more easily aroused around the time of ovulation. Some people believe this is a biologically designed way to ensure reproduction.

Breast tenderness, Some women will notice breast tenderness or other premenstrual symptoms around the time of ovulation.

Bloating and water weight- You may be bloated or retaining water around the time of ovulation.

Swollen vagina or vulva, Your labia or vagina may become full and more sensitive.

Ovulation pain (Mittelschmerz or midpain), You may feel cramping or achiness around the time of ovulation.

Cervix position is high and soft, If you are checking your cervix it will feel high, soft and more open around the time of ovulation. It will be more difficult to reach during ovulation.

Moodiness or increased energy, You may have mood swings around the time of ovulation. Some women may feel a boost of energy prior to ovulation.

Less Common Signs of Ovulation

Ovulation spotting, some women notice light spotting around the time of ovulation.

Headaches or nausea, Some women are sensitive to hormonal changes and may have headaches or nausea before ovulation.

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