Adorable Customized Sneakers Collection

{YBA} In the world of fashion is a little surprise as to why would I want these sneakers right now if you take a look at the pictures below! These sneakers rock, Really do.

Stylish Sneakers,
Mr. Brass Monki,
Ranging between,
($385 and $1,153)
Author: Daniel Reese

The Nike Dunks sneakers below are not part of a mainstream collection to find at a sneaker store near you, oh no, They’re custom made, unique ( ranging between $385 and $1,153 ),

Their author Daniel Reese, Mr. Brass Monki, a 22yo young man from the UK. His passion and talent got together and blew into this Brass Monki business in June 2009. And now he’s making the rounds of the fashinterwebs and more.

Brass Monki Business Passion Sneakers 2010

Designer Sneakers Rock 2010 Shoes

Footwear Designer Brass Monki

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