Dree Hemingway by Liz Collins for Numero #114 | Black & White Beauty

{YBA} As far as the trend towards nudity and fashion goes, Dree Hemingway (granddaughter of the great Ernest) is one of the models who can often be found posing sans clothes. But times they are a changing and Dree along with them, moving more towards sensuality rather than raw nudity.

The result is a pictorial featuring little in the way of clothing, but nothing in the way of nudity, either. It’s a middle path. Just beautiful black and white photos (taken by Liz Collins) that exist to evoke a mood rather than to showcase products.

Leaving behind a realm of fantasy as seen in Numéro’s last issue, Dree Hemingway gets real with photographer Liz Collins. Captured in black and white, Dree dons intimates styled by Jonathan Kaye for a soft approach to fashion.

Magazine: Numéro France
Issue: #114 June/July 2010
Editorial: L’Éveil
Model: Dree Hemingway
Photographer: Liz Collins

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