Moschino and Kartell’s Bow Wow Colorful Plastic ballet Shoes Flat

{YBA} The stylish soft BowWow plastic ballet flat footwear (shoes) looks like a Herve Leger bandage dress for your feet. Plus the Moschino bow. Obtained through an industrial molding process, the shoes were made from top-quality, non-toxic thermoplastic technopolymer, 100% recyclable.

I haven’t tried them yet, but they do look pretty tasty all shiny and new. I guess it’s all about comfort and the test of time. Would you try the new BowWow from Kartell and Moschino? Moschino Bow Wow Plastic Ballet colored Shoes With Kartell Trend 2011

Kartell’s last collaboration with Moschino was  a fabulous Mademoiselle chair, designed by Philippe Starck, & upholstered in original Moschino fabric back in 2007. Three years later,  they have announced their next joint venture: a collection of plastic footwear for Spring/Summer 2011.

Launched at Pitti W this week, the witty & pretty BowWow ballet flat shoes follow in the footsteps of Brazil’s Melissa shoes. Entirely made from 100% recyclable, interwoven plastic technopolymer, they have a trademark Moschino bow perched on the toe.

Moschino Kartell Bow Wow Plastic

Bow Wow Shoes Trend Moschino Kartell

Moschino Kartell Shoes Designer

BowWow Plastic Ballet Flats 2011 Shoes

Moschino Kartell Bow Wow Plastic FootWear

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