Sensitive Skin? 5 Essentials You Need To Add To Your Routine

Sensitive skin can be a nightmare to live with. Whether you have rash flare-ups, rosacea, or acne, the battle to keep your skin fresh and healthy without causing any damage can be tough. Fear not! We’ve put together a roll call of soothing skin steps to help your face feel squeaky clean and super nourished. Check them out below!

1. Cleanser

It’s easy to resist a good ole cleanse as you may feel it will irritate your skin further. However, so much of our skin’s issues stem from improperly cleansing right at the beginning of our routine. Not only does poor cleansing let the bacteria and grime from the day sink into our pores (hello sweaty sunscreen and foundation!) but it also stops the next steps in your routine from penetrating your epidermis thoroughly, rendering them less effective.

Always begin with a double cleanse and make-up removal wipes should be nowhere near this process, they are only fit for the trash, not your face. First, you’ll need an oil or balm cleanser to melt off that make-up without the need to scrub at your skin. Then use a gentle, soothing wash like an oatmeal cleanser to prevent drying and clean off the last of the day’s residue.

2. Toner

Great skin calls for great hydration so this step cannot be skipped. While most people with sensitive skin tend to shy away from AHAs and BHAs, they’re actually a far more gentle exfoliating alternative to harsh scrubs that will rip the top layer of your skin and cause more harm. Use an unscented toner daily and introduce a glycolic toner once a week to give your skin a new lease of life.

3. Serum

Everyone should have a treatment serum in their routine, including those with sensitive skin. Look for a calming serum that reduces redness. Niacinamide, Ceramides, and Centella are all amazing ingredients known to help with inflammation. Forget the hype about ‘clean’ beauty. Chemicals in skincare have long been proven to be face-friendly, and can actually be a great thing. Most ‘natural’ products don’t include shelf-life enhancing chemicals that keep your skincare bacteria free, so this is bad news if you’re pimple prone. Remember, even water is a chemical!

4. Moisturiser

Layer on a trusty moisturizer that will lock in hydration and offer a barrier to your epidermis. If you find thick and rich creams break you out, opt for a lightweight gel to keep your skin feeling moisturized yet breathable. Try and go for unscented products as these can irritate your further. 

5. Sunscreen

This should go without saying. If you have a skincare routine and don’t end it with sunscreen (unless you’re heading to bed) then you are undoing any good work. Find one that works for you and slather it on every couple of hours throughout the day.

While these products are targeted at sensitive skin, it is important to note that we are all different and what works for the majority might not work for everyone. Check with a licensed dermatologist if your skin is suitable for certain actives and if a product is irritating you ditch it from your routine right away. Share your sensitive skin product heroes in the comments!

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