Top 10 Best Easy Nail Care Tips in Winter

As the season changes the effect is not only your body but also on your skin and nails. As your skin your nails also need extra attention in the cold weather. Every woman wants beautiful hands and healthy nails.

Some women’s nails are just as sensitive to the cold weather as their skin. Indeed both our skin as well as nail care routine should be adjusted to the cozy season. Instead of sticking to the traditional nail treatments take preventions and learn more about the effect of the chilly season with these nail care tips for the cold season.

In cold weather, we all need special nail care to maintain our healthy nails preventing them from chipping and breaking due to brittleness. So, it is essential that you should make a good winter nail care routine in order to keep your nail well moisturized and healthy. Here are some nail care tips for winter season.

The Best Nail Care Tips in Winter

There are some very important nail care tips, which will assist you for achieving healthy nails with glowing hands. By using these beneficial nail care tips, you will definitely achieve tremendous results for your healthy nails.

  1. During winter, the fingers too tend to get chapped. So to prevent this proper nail care tips have to be followed like applying a good herbal cream to the nails for its shine and growth. If your nails seem brittle, increase your calcium in your food during winter.
  2. Dehydrated nails are more prone to splitting, chapping and infections. So, try to give them some doses of moisture by drinking plenty of water and using a good quality moisturizer throughout the day. Go for mild herbal aloe vera based cream or moisturizer.
  3. Exposing the nails to extreme cold can be very dangerous. Keeping them in cool water for a long time might lead to weakening and finally chapping. Besides these two harms nails might also dehydrate which leads to other more severe damages.
  4. File your nails regularly. Filing helps you nail to grow and remove the imperfections from the edge of the nail. It also helps in creating a smooth surface which is important for healthy looking nails.
  5. Moisturizing your skin and nails is important in winters. Apply moisturizer or olive oil on nails and hands regularly to reduce dryness. Moisturizing your hands and nails helps them to keep healthy and glowing. Prevent chipping of the nail by applying a good herbal cream to the nails for its shine and growth.
  6. The best and cheapest way to avoid these problems is to always dry our hands and nails after washing them or keeping them in chilly water.
  7. Our nail care tips also suggest you to introduce more proteins, vitamin C and folic acid in your dietary intake for healthy nails, as deficiency of these can cause hang nails and white bands across the nails.
  8. To get the healthy nails always make effort to intake vitamin B12, and zinc through multivitamins supplements to ensure a comprehensive nail care with no white spots or darkening of nails.
  9. During winter, the water is freezing cold. So the best nail care tips for your nails to last longer is to wash your hands in luke warm water after which dry them completely with a hand towel.
  10. Try to protect your nails and hands from sun exposure, extreme cold winds, for this you can use gloves.

By following these simple nail care tips and little nail care advises, you can enjoy your healthy nails without getting scared of the cold, winter months and different weather conditions.

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