Use Argan Oil For Glowing Skin Care Beauty

The Argan tree grows naturally near the Atlas mountains of Morocco. It grows exclusively in the center-west part of the country (Souss region) that has been experiencing a severe drought. It can reach 50 feet high and lives for 150 to 200 years.

For centuries, Berber women from the Atlas have known and treasured Argan oil because of its moisturizing and regenerating properties. Today, the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries are getting more and more interested in Argan oil since science is demonstrating its extraordinary properties.

Unfortunately, the Argan tree is an endangered species. This prompted some Berber women to create and manage cooperatives to produce and distribute argan oil in order to save the Argan tree. In 1999, Unesco decreed the Argan forest of Morocco to be a world biosphere reserve.

Benefits Of Organic Argan Oil:

  • Argan oil is useful in the management of cases of arthritis. It alleviates pain, stiffness, discomfort and tingling in the joints. It is beneficial to handle rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
  • Argan oil diminishes serum cholesterol levels and wards off atherosclerosis. It boosts cardio-vascular health and stave off a host of cardiac diseases.
  • It enhances propagandists manufacture.

Skin Care With Argan Oil:

Topical application of argan oil not just helps to soften up the skin but it also helps to get rid of various skin problems. Some of the key argan oil benefits and uses on skin have been listed below:

  • Argan oil is a very good skin moisturizer. In fact, it is far more effective as compared to any other natural skin moisturizers like olive oil or shea butter. This is because it does not contain any cholesterol. Moreover, it has a good amount of fatty acids in it.
  • Argan oil is capable of controlling the action of sebum, an oily substance released by the oil glands present under the skin. People with oily skin are extremely bothered by the excessive oiliness caused by sebum. Argan oil can reduce this greasy feeling of the oily skin.
  • It has excellent antimicrobial properties and hence, argan oil for acne works wonders. It brings down skin inflammation and skin irritation to a great extent. For all these qualities, argan oil is popularly used for treating various skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • It can effectively maintain the pH balance of the skin. Thus it can provide protection to the skin form the harmful effects of sun exposure, pollution, mental stress, smoking etc.
  • Argan oil helps to reduce the appearance of the ugly scars left behind by various skin problems like acne, chicken pox and even in cases of skin injuries caused by burns.
  • Advantage of using this oil in skin care is the fact that it contains no harmful chemicals or synthetic additives.
  • The fact that Argan oil is rich in linoleic and oleic acids, is said to aid protecting and maintaining skin resilience, smoothness and radiance. It is also thought the high levels of topographers in argan oil promote anti-free radical activities and protection against oxidation, which is a cause of skin aging.
  • Furthermore are there the relative very high amount of vitamin E and the fact that the unroasted oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin diseases. All these factors together made European (and later North American) cosmetics manufacturers embrace this type of oil.
  • During pregnancy, stretch marks appear on the abdomen as the skin loses its natural elastic properties due to over stretching of the skin. Pregnant women can use argan oil products to improve skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks from appearing on the skin surface.
  • Those women who use mineral makeup regularly tend to get dry skin after some time. Such a problem can be avoided with the help of argan oil. All you have to do is to apply one or two drops of argan oil on the skin 5 minutes before application of mineral make up. This will keep the skin hydrated and prevent drying of the skin.
  • Apart from the uses of argan oil for skin care, usage of argan oil for hair and nail care is also beneficial. It can be used to get rid of the problems of brittle nails as it has a strengthening effect on them. When applied on scalp skin, it can eliminate dandruff problem and prevent hair loss.

However, Argan oil is one of the best you will find because if its powerful antioxidant properties. It is considerably more effective than olive oil, and for antioxidant skin care there is nothing that can beat it so it make a great gift for these reasons alone.

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