Liquid Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Liquid diets have gone from being a medically prescribed procedure to one of the trendiest dieting fads. From celebrities to stay at home moms, individuals from all walks of life have tried their luck with liquid weight loss. With reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicating that more Americans are becoming obese every year, several weight loss centers in the Houston area are making an increasing number of liquid diet plans available. Trained professionals at these centers can assist you as you dramatically decrease your consumption of food while rapidly increasing your intake of liquids.

Liquid diet is followed for several medical related reasons; some of which include losing weight, alleviating digestion problems and is used while recover from surgery. As long as sufficient nutrients required by the body is provided, there are no virtual side effects for the liquid diet plan. You will find a plethora of liquid diet recipes for weight loss. But, the challenging part is to select healthy and tasty alternatives that you can enjoy while dieting.

Liquid diet plan primarily aims at replacing two meals and snack with a carefully planned milk shake. This shake is made from eight ounces of skimmed milk and a powdered drink mix and it contains about 200 calories. There’s another effective way to lose weight which is burning fats. See this buyer’s guide to know more. Read further to explore information about liquid diet for weight loss.

Variations of the Liquid Diet

There are many choices to make when considering going on a liquid diet. It can be tailored to ones specific needs and lifestyle and a personal plan can be quite flexible. The most classic of these is the water fast, during which only water is consumed for a day or longer. Experts say water fasting for 2 weeks is not unusual for those who are experienced, but those who are new to this discipline should begin with fewer days, or perhaps just one day per week. A diet of water and juice is also an option, as are diets that include broths, pureed soups, herbal teas, nut milks, protein drinks, lemonade, and apple cider vinegar. Clearly, these provide more nutrition than water alone, so they can be done over longer periods of time.

Liquid Dieting Benefits

Besides the obvious weight loss benefit of going on a liquid diet, there are many other positive reasons to select this regiment. If one is consuming a liquid diet, the digestive system is allowed to rest and figuratively reprogram itself. The digestion of liquids is so much simpler than the digestion of solid food. It requires less work for our organs and fewer steps for nutrient assimilation. In other words, the nutrients in liquids are more quickly and easily absorbed by the body. When one is on a plant based liquid diet that includes juices and vegetable broths, one will quickly begin to notice their skin looks younger and more vibrant. This change can happen in the first 24 hours for those who are relatively healthy to begin with.

This type of diet also aggressively promotes detoxification of the body, which leads to a treasure trove of benefits. After the initial few days of getting used to the diet, most people feel surges of energy and feelings of well being. Clearing the digestive system of solid food will also clear the mind of negative thoughts and feelings, according to experienced detox liquid dieters. For those who need healing, eliminating the need to break down solid food and sort out waste matter allows the immune system to do a more efficient job at healing the body. Refraining from eating solid food when we are ill is an instinct we are born with. Even animals are born with this instinct.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss Tips

First step is to choose a self-sustaining liquid solution. Most people would mistakenly assume that liquid diets must be low-calorie. This is wrong since it is unhealthy and would not be able to sustain the body. In most cases, low-calorie liquid diets would result to collapse, fatigue and unhealthy eating in the future. You need to pick a meal-replacement liquid with the nutrients and antioxidants needed and they are the ones that could be found in vegetable and fruits.

Second step that needs to be followed is that you must not combine with exercise. If your diet includes liquids, your body if being fueled properly would sustain itself through everyday activity. However, the energy being exerted once you exercise is exhausting on a liquid diet. Exercise periods of more than 30 minutes are all advised for those on meal replacement shakes. Once you engage in liquid dieting, weight loss is rapid and unless you are really overweight, exercise isn’t always necessary. A doctor needs to monitor progress if you engage in exercising on a low-calorie liquid diet.

Third step is to keep up a decent caloric intake. Calories are the last thing any dieter would want to ingest however the body needs a sensible amount in order to work properly. The juice fasting is not suggested for a long-term dieting as it would have few of the calories the human body would need in order to live. Liquid diet solutions must be able to carry more than 500 to sustain the human body.

Liquid diet meals under 420 calories each are not suitable and could result to fatigue, anemia and muscle loss. It is being written that the average human body would need at least 1200 calories daily in order to function and work properly and also is able to lose weight still. So, if you have three liquid meals in one day, each meal should add up to at least 400 calories.

Lastly, you need to take a break and eat solid food. Liquid diets are not meant for long-term usage. You must not plan a staple diet around liquid meals. Also, you must be aware that there are nutrients your body would get from solid foods that don’t transfer well into liquid. Liquid diets must not be followed in more than three months.

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