Funny SMS in Urdu New Collection

Ahuge collection of funny sms text messages are available at internet, we have selected some sms collection of funny sms. All sms are nice and comedy for fun time. Enjoy with your friends, cousins and all related persons.

1. A Man & a Pretty Woman

A man & a pretty woman who had never met before found themselves sharing a sleeping compartment on a train.
The man on the top bunk & the lady on the bottom bunk.

During the night, man woke & asked “sorry to bother u but would u reach into the closet to get me a 2nd blanket, i’m freezing!”

“I’ve a better idea” she replied, “y don’t we pretend we are married?”

“wow what a great idea!” he said.

“good” she said, “get ur own blanket you lazy bastard.

2. Jawanon k Liye Ehem Nasihatein

Jawanon k Liye Ehem Nasihatein

1) Khud ko mobile mai itna na mashghool rakho k samne se koi Lush Push bachi guzar jaye or tumhe pata bhi na chale.

2) Bike ho ya Car, kabhi ye mat socho k ye jahaz hai, balke ye samjho k ye to rocket hai.

3)Koshish karo k apne hum-umro se bad-zabani
na karo,
direct sir phar do kaminay ka.

4) Taaleem har kisi ka haq hai, zyada parh k kahin aisa na ho k tum kisi ka haq mar lo.

3. Aur Rikshaw Mein Baith kr ChaLa Gya

Shadeed Garmi mai Bus Stop py Log bus K intizar mai khare thy, ek Faqir aya, Sub sy Bheek Li,

aur Rikshaw mai baith kr chaLa gya.

4. Men r Honest Liars

A lakarhara loses hz axe & lord ofers hm both gold & silver bt he takes hz own axe & seeing hz honesty lord gves hm all 3.Nw ths lbkarhara goes again to forest wid hs wife.Bt hz wife falls into da river he cries n pleads 2 da lord 2 give hm hs wife. Lord brings out angelina jolie & asked ‘is ths ur wife’ he replied yes.Lord said ‘u lied n u r gona b punished’ he said’wait lord i lied coz if i had said no u wudve taken out cameron diaz if den i said no u wudve taken out my wife n seeing my honesty u wudve gven me all 3.Bt m a poor man i cant keep all 3 so i said yes to angelina
Moral: Men r honest liars.

5. Molvi b 2 Qism k ho Gaye Hain.

Aaj kal Molvi b 2 Qism k ho gaye hain.

1 Banda Bus me 1 Molvi ko deikh kr darty darty pochta hy,

“Molvi sab,
ap Darood waalay Molvi ho,
ya Barood waalay.

6. Mjhe Kpre Lena Hen kya Krun?

Pathan: yar mere pas paise nhi hy mjhe kpre lena hen kya krun?
Dost: To bank se loan le lo
Pathan: Loan to le lun magar hmko sirf cotton pehanne ki adat hai

7. Ek Lerki ßikhry Baal ßura Haal Nange Paer

Ek Lerki
ßikhry baal
ßura haal
nange paer
raat me Akele bhag rhi thi
cheekhti chillati

2 Larky Uske Peeche Bhag Rahe Thhe


Jan’ny k lye dekhiye

Is Shukrwar Rat 10 bje sirf
“SONY Entertainment Television par.

8. Sarah Patakha

Sarah to Chaudhary

College mei sb BOYS mujhe PTAKHA kehte hein,


Oh! Acha…kaho tu is dewaali tumhe phor daalu?.

9. 1 Black oR 1 White Shoes Pehan Aya

Pathan School Me 1 Black oR 1 White Shoes Pehan Aya

Ghar Wapas Jao oR Chang Kar K Aao

Koi Faida Nai Sir Ghar Pe B 1 Kala oR 1 Safaid Hi Para Hy.


Larki ny jeans utari or PAPPU sy kaha MUJHY LARKI HONY KA EHSAS DILAO,PAPPU ny bhi jeans utari or kaha…
G oye pappu.

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