May God Increase Your Happiness – Very Cute SMS

We have compiled a very cool collection Cute SMS here. These text messages offer you a wonderful chance to express your feelings towards your friends, family members and all the loved ones.

We have a very nice collection of some interesting, beautiful and unique cute sms for friends text messages here. Let’s have a look at these latest collection in detail.

1. Hold Ten Roses in Your Hand

Hold ten roses in your hand
And stand before a mirror
You will see eleven roses.

2. Rocking Routine

Rocking Routine
Watching on Monday
Friendship on Tuesday
Love on Wednesday
Engagement on Thursday
Fighting on Friday
Break off on Saturday
Rest on Sunday
Next on Monday

3. I Always Knew That Looking Back on My Tears

I always knew that looking back on my tears
would someday make me laugh,
But I never knew that looking back on my laughter
would someday make me cry. Miss you.

4. Somewhere, Some Dreams of Your Smile

Somewhere, some dreams of your smile
& finds your presence in life so worthwhile
So when you r lonely, remember it’s true that
Someone, somewhere, is thinking of u

5. Help! The Police Put me in Prison

Help! The police put me in prison
For looking so damn beautiful!
They said I need another cute person to get me out.

6. Hi Here’s a Cup of Coffee Just for You

Hi here’s a cup of coffee just for you.
I have added 1 huge hug 2 big kisses
3 servings of love
Hope that stirs your heart today

7. Nice People are Blessed People

Nice people are blessed people,
Ever friendly, always smiling,
Forgive easily, hold no grudges
And keep no malice.
Send this to a cute person
As I just sent to you.

8. May God Increase Your Happiness

May God increase your happiness
Like prices of petrol,
And decrease sorrows like
Clothes of Malika Shehrawrat

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