Naughty SMS Text Message for friends Outstanding Collection

{YBA} It is not bad to be naughty once in a while, especially around those with whom you are frank.

In this context, SMS are very popular. They endorse mischievous humor, without being overly cheap and vulgar.

If you are also looking for naughty text messages, to share them with your friends, the SMS collection provided below will come handy.

Go through the following lines and select the naughty SMS you find the best for sending.

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1. Dear Mobile user

We can see that
you are too dump to use your mobile
Please put it on the floor
and start jumping on it.
Mobile Operator.

2. Phulon Ki Mala

Patient: Doctor, ye phulon ki mala kiske liye?
Doctor: Ye mera pehla operation hai,
Success hua to mere liye, nahi to tumhare liye.

3. Nobody Was Home

A girl phoned me yesterday and said…
“Come on over, there?s nobody at home.”
I went over. Nobody was home!

4. Yar Sadi Jan Ho

Punjabi ho ya pathan ho..
Coke ho ya shezan ho..
Tussi jo bhi ho sachi saddi jan ho

5. Sardi ka

Sardi ka

Zamana hai

“Musam bi

SOHANA hai ”

Ek piyara sa sms hy bhj do

“kiya blance 2011 tak chlana hai kia

6. Ab Ap Ki Bari Hay

aaj pink panther ki barsi hai,us k liya plz yeh sms kam se kam kisi 1 cartoon ko zaror send karen , main ne apna farz poora kar diay ,ab ap ki bari hay

7. I Really Deeply Wish

I really deeply wish
You were here in my room,
On my bed, with lights off
We would be under the cover together…
And I will show you my glowing…
Wrist Watch.

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