Old Man SMS Funny Text Messages

{YBA} In this post are added a most funny old man text sms messages, we hope that you will like and enjoy these collection of old man sms for fun. we’ll add more best sms on old man about life.

1. Thr Was An Old Man

Thr Was An Old Man Who Use 2 Park Vehicals For Others

Suddenly One Day Evry1 Startd Calling Him Spider Man


His Name Was Peter Park-Ker

2. What Food Causes the Most Suffering for Years

A Food & Health Forum speaker asked: What food causes the most suffering for years, after u eat it?
After a long silence, an old man answered:
“Wedding cake”.

3. A Old Man Calling His Wife

A old man calling his wife, Rada, sunita, Daling, jan, sweeti,
Aak ladka bola uncle aap ab be apne biwi se utna pyaar kartay hai jo unhay atne pyaaray naam se bola rahay ho.
Old man, Nahi darasal kambakat ka naam yaad nahi s leye atne naam try kar raha hon.

4. Dil Chaahta Hay ke Shadi kar Loon

70 years old man : dil chaahta hay ke shadi kar loon.

Friend : kr lo

Old man : kisi Bewa se kr loon?

Friend : kisi kunwari se hi kar lo,Bewa apne ap ho jaegi.

5. Girl Asks an Aged Old man

Girl asks an old man:whats love?
Man said:Go To the garden & get the most beautiful flower.
Girl returned empty handed & told that I found the most beautiful flower but I kept walking in hope of a better one. And then I realised I ignored the best one.I went back but could not find it there.
Man said:dis is love.U dont value it when.

6. Old Man School k Principal se

Old man school k principal se:
Zara rizwan ko buladein
Principal: Aap kon?
Old man: Mai uska dada
Wo chutti leker ap k janaze me sharik hone gaya hai.

7. Kal Raat Meri DOST k Dada

Kal Raat Meri DOST k Dada Uske Khawab may aye or kaha k Bachon DIL khol kar Gunah karo Kyon k DOZAKH Main bilkul Jagah nahi hay HUM khud Diwaron pe Bethy hian.

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