How To Cut Classic Bob Hairstyle | Bob Hair Cutting Techniques

{YBA} Classic Bob Hair Cutting Tips and Tricks: Your stylist should be able to help you find the perfect bob for your face, hair and dress fashion, Your bob should be carefully crafted to maximize the effect of the style. Find a shape that will accentuate your unique facial structure, or highlight a long, beautiful neck.

This versatile style can range from ear length to shoulder skimming. It’s best for straight or slightly wavy hair.Why not have a go yourself with a friend and create your own masterpiece. Just follow the steps below for this beautiful style, perfect for parties and special occasions.

Hi cute girls if you would like to achieve a charming, classy, sophisticated and really feminine look, classic bob haircuts are made for you. A jaw-level length bob will highlight your features, giving you a soft, elegant air.

Classic Bob Cutting do It Yourself

Step 1: Part hair from centre to bottom nape of neck. Clip each side up, remove each side clip take a small one inch section on each side and clip remaining hair up.

Step 2: Take a small one inch section in the centre, place fingers on 90 degree angle pulling from nape of neck outwards until tension is tight and cut on the angle. Follow round on all bottom sections.

Step 3: Remove side clips again and release another section from each side starting at centre again. Take another one inch section using your guide line from orevious section and cut. Pull tension to same angle follow guide line and cut again, carrying around whole section.

Step 4: To get the graduation, slightly angled towards front, section hair centre and from ear to ear, using small sections part the 1st side using guide line from No 1, cut again using angle, as per 3 – repeat other side.

Step 5: Comb hair forward in centre part. Clip hair back into 2 inch clips on each side leaving a small section of hair to be cut into a fringe. When cutting fringe bring tension down tighten with fingers and only cut under bridge of nose.

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