The Secret Meanings Behind Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac signs for tattoos are very popular. However these symbols are also used for many other purposes. What better way to find a tattoo that represents you than a zodiac tattoo.

The Zodiac symbols most frequently used in the United States, as Zodiac tattoo signs as well as for other items, are the Greek-Roman system. There are twelve different signs but they aren’t for each of the twelve months. Instead, each symbol represents a specific date of birth from one month until a specific day of the next. No matter which month you were born, the date will determine which of the Zodiac signs you were born under and which of the tattoos of zodiac symbols will match your sign.

Common locations for the astrological sign tattoos are on the hips, chest, shoulders, or on the back. Each sign of the zodiac has a coordinating name and symbol. For instance, if you were born under the sign of Leo, you would be represented by the lion and would look at zodiac Leo tattoos. A zodiac Cancer tattoo would, on the other hand, be represented by a crab.

Zodiac Symbols and Tattoos

Aries Tattoo Design:

Aries is the zodiac which is associated with fire and that is the reason most Aries are independent people and extroverts. It symbolizes the ram. The tattoo can be either a simple outline or a colorful one. Use flames to show the fire element, you can also use butterflies, flowers or make it into something similar to the heart. You can also show the ram in a running position, sitting position or either sitting on grass. Most commonly used design is the Y and V sign where you can get the name inscribed below the design. There are many Aries tattoo designs available so you can choose your favorite.

Taurus Tattoo Design:

Taurus is associated with earth. Taurus is the one who is strong minded, loyal and brave. It symbolizes the bull, which is supposed to be very strong. There are many Taurus tattoo designs, you can make a simple outline of the horns or show a raging bull. The Taurus glyph is made of an O design with two horns over it. Black looks best but, you can also try different colors like brown or green to give an earthly effect.

Gemini Tattoos Design:

Gemini represents the twins. People of this zodiac sign mostly have dual personalities. It is an air sign and it depicts smartness, creativity in an individual. Commonly used Gemini tattoo designs include human twins or something wackier like two similar animals or things, pictures associated to the Greek or Egyptian times. This glyph is made up of the Roman numeral II. If you are a girl, then you can also add flowers, butterflies to make it look more beautiful.

Cancer Tattoo Design:

Cancer people are caring, loyal and are both introverts as well as extroverts. It is symbolized by the crab. The most famous design is the number 69. The glyph looks like the two lower-case b’s one laying down which is black in color and very simple in looks. It is a water sign and represents water completely. You can also check Cancer tattoo designs which mostly show the crab in blue, green or red.

Leo Tattoo Design:

Leo is a fire sign, it show traits of confidence and ambition. It symbolizes the lion, who is supposed to be very ferocious and proud. Leo zodiac tattoos include lion is various positions, the lion is mostly shown roaring or ready to pounce on his prey. The glyph for Leo shows the letter u turned upside down with both the ends curled up. Yellow and black is commonly used, which looks amazing.

Virgo Tattoo Design:

Virgo tattoos are symbolized by the virgin. A Virgo person is intelligent and graceful. It is an earth sign and the designs include beautiful angels, a woman holding a flower with her long hair flowing down or just the glyph which looks like the small letter m in black. If you are a woman, then you can experiment since there are many Virgo tattoos for women. You can make the tattoo really colorful by experimenting with colors like blue, purple, pink etc.

Libra Tattoo Design:

Libra is an air sign and it represents the scales. People who come under this sign peacemakers and caring. They love to do justice to everything that comes their way. Libra Tattoos mostly show the scales in color. You can creatively add this glyph, it is when two horizontal lines which are parallel to each other and with the top line which looks like a half-circle. There are also many Libra tattoos for girls which look very beautiful when inked on the ankle, neck or wrist.

Scorpio Tattoo Design:

People born with this zodiac sign are known to be determined about everything and born rulers. It is a water sign, Scorpio tattoo designs show the scorpion crawling which is a well known design. Colors used for inking are mostly black, orange, yellow and golden. The Scorpio glyph is made of the letter M with the end of the tail as an arrow moving upwards.

Sagittarius Tattoo Design:

Sagittarius tattoo symbolizes the archer and this glyph shows an arrow tip pointing towards the right which is intersected by a straight line. Sagittarius tattoos usually depict a centaur with an archer in his hands. It can be colorful since black does not give that perfect finish. This is a fire sign and people of this sign are positive thinkers and are independent.

Capricorn Tattoo Design:

Capricorn sign tattoos shows a goat, who is half fish. It is known as the sea goat. People born under this zodiac sign are responsible and show leadership qualities. It is an earth sign. Designs include the sea goat either sitting or taking a leap which are made up with shades of green, blue, orange , purple etc. The Capricorn glyph is made of a V sign whose tail is looped.

Aquarius Tattoo Design:

Aquarius tattoo designs show the water bearer pouring water from the pot, this design can be made colorful by using colors like brown, purple, yellow, blue and green since it is an air sign. Aquarius people are smart and go-getters. This glyph shows two parallel and horizontal wavy lines depicting water.

Pisces Tattoos Design:

The Pisces glyph looks like an H and looks as if the line is passing through the fishes. It is a water sign and thus people coming under this zodiac sign are known to be very compassionate and loving in nature. Pisces tattoos designs are famous for the similar colorful fishes.

There is a wide range zodiac symbol tattoos available for you, so if it depicts your true character, then feel free to get the tattoo design. Just be sure about your zodiac symbol and meet your tattoo artist for a customized one or simply sketch your own. Always follow proper tattoo care instructions given by your tattoo artist since, there are many chances of you catching an infection, so take precautions as soon as you get that tattoo done.

Engraving a tattoo on any part of your body is simple but tattoo removal is not the same, since it’s more time consuming, may leave scars on the skin and is also expensive. So be sure before getting a zodiac tattoo or you might regret later. Otherwise, simply try the henna tattoo since it is temporary.

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